System Requirements?

Hello there, evryone!
I know this game doesn’t need a good computer. But I’m trying to play this in a really bad one.
It is a WinXP, 1.7GHz of CPU, 512 MB of RAM laptop
I know this needs java installed (and Idk where to get an old version of java) but idk if this game could be run in that PC.

Oh, and also, that PC has like 6 partitions, three OSs, one WinXP, and two linux based systems so if WinXP doesn’t work I could try and use those linux systems.

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it should probably run on a toaster but don’t be surprised when your 15 year old third world machine takes a while for your character to finish a lengthy crafting session or resting for long periods of time.

In all seriousness you can find a better machine for $50 on ebay though, might be worth upgrading your RAM to 1gb at least.

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CPU wise you’re fine, I’ve run dda on a 500MHz Atom system.
The RAM might be a problem if you use tiles, the more minimal tilesets like retrodays use less ram.
Linux/curses is a much more minimal build, it uses the least possible resources.

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Yes, I know I need a new one. But I’m so poor I can’t afford a new flashdrive lol
I’m working on a few project, maybe later, now I have to use my 15 y.o machine xD
I mean I have another one that is better and is updated but I want to use the old one too xD


I could play with ascii graphics no problem. I am used to playing roguelikes. Dwarf fortress I play it in ascii graphics.