What Are YOU! Playing On?

I am sure this has been done before but I could not find it.

So what do you play Cataclysm DDA on? is it one computer? or is it more? Linux? Windows? ect.

I played up to 2 weeks ago on a 10yo Toshiba laptop running XP. it runs great and everything. but two weeks ago I got an Ultra 24 so i have been playing exclusively on that since. I sit down in the morning and compile then play :stuck_out_tongue: it runs sooo much faster too. I dont even see the loading world screen anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Specs: Core2 Quad @ 3.00GHz, 2GB RAM, Quadro FX 370

I play on a series of networked oscillating magnets, spread out over several hectares, each corresponding to the ones and zeros of Cataclysm’s code.

I find this more convenient that Cataclysm’s current UI OH SNAP fade away bank shot

A friend of mine has access to Titan and I am playing a 1,000,000 dorf fort on it

No wait wrong game.

calling it a “glorified calculator” would be an insult to calculators.

I’m running CDDA on a horribly bogged down Windows Vista 32 bit laptop. 1.60 GHz Dual Core, 2 Gigs of RAM, 4 Gigs of “ReadyBoost” space.

I usually play Cata on my gaming computer, a brute with that FX85something 8 core @4 ghz, 16 GB of ram and an SLI of gtx 660s that do absolutely jack in Cataclysm (no GPGPU for me) but since I broke it in my stupidity brilliance I think my toaster takes the prize. Celeron D @ a blazing 600 mhz single core with bleeding edge intel HT revision 2 circa 1999 and 512mb of soldered on SDR ram. it came with 95, but that has been traded with XP, then in turn upgraded to Ubuntu, with plans to convert to #!

I’m playing Cataclysm on Linux. Really liking it because of the color scheme :stuck_out_tongue:

Playing Cataclysm on a HP Pavilion DV6-6135 DX Laptop, with a Radeon HD 6620G Video card, 8 gigs of ram, and a 2.5 ghz 4 core processor.

Since Cata seems to be written in C, I wonder if I can compile it for my Contura Aero

I play on WinXP…fuck you I’m poor. Don’t judge me. :’(

A comfy office chair. I think it’s from IKEA.


I play in an armchair. from IKEA :smiley:

I play on a wooden stool. Feels like somebody is stabbing me in the back with a spear.

I play with an old ASUS laptop, Pentium IV 1.60 Ghz Monocore, 512 mb of ram and beautiful 4:3 1024x768 screen, using linux ubuntu. When I play Cata the CPU get so overloaded that sometimes when i keep a movement button pressed for a long time my character keep running in that direction after i release it, usually against a horde of zeds.

dat keybuffer

I’m playing on my i-stone while riding my pet Pterodactyl.

I have a Megaware computer with Dual Core (3,60 ghz each), 4GB RAM and a GeForce something with 1GB. Windows 7 btw.
Played a lot of games with this one, but i want to get a new one.

Edit: ghz, argh.

With such a high frequency, keeping it under 80 C° must be very hard!

With such a high frequency, keeping it under 80 C° must be very hard![/quote]

due to dynamic stepping/voltage, I doubt it runs at that freq all the time. I experimented with my own rig, using furmark to stress the cpu/gpu combo to 100%, and found that mine only hits 80c after about half an hour at that level

With such a high frequency, keeping it under 80 C° must be very hard![/quote]
Damn, i meant ghz. Sorry…

lol… I fail hard. I didn’t even catch that…

that being said, I’ve worked on a 16mhz chip before, that bugger got really hot since it didn’t have its own heatsink, though it never got nearly as hot as some more modern cpus can