System requirements - how do they look like?

As the subject says, I’d like to know what are the minimal and recommended system requirements of this game?

BTW: I’ve under-clocked mine CPU from 3500 MHz to 2500 MHz.

That depends on your viewport settings. Drawing is the slowest part of the game.
Works just fine here with 2ghz, 160x80 viewport with zlevels.

I’ve got view port settings suiting my 1280x1024 screen.

Computer specifications:
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3 Ultra Durable series motherboard.
3.0 GHz @ 1,15 V (from 3.5 GHz@ 1,275 V) AMD FX-8320 32nm Vishera CPU.
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST graphic card with 2 GB GDDR5 and DirectX 11.
1280x1024 DELL 1704FPT 17" screen.
Western Digital Caviar Blue 1 TB SATA III HDD (WDC10EZEX).
Titanum Multimedia Wired USB Keyboard.
Esperanza Wired 6D Gaming Optical Mouse.
Microlab SOLO6C speakers.
9 USB ports (including 3 USB 3.0 ports).
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium operating system.

EDIT: Updated hardware info.
Oh, and also I’m playing this game on a Lubuntu 17.04 VM, because I can’t get it compiled to Windows, and I want to mess with the code to make the game suit my preferences better. For example, I’ve raised the per-tile item limit from 4 096 (2^12) to 65 536 (2^16). The aforementioned VM has got 5120 RAM and 6 CPU cores assigned to it, so playing on it may not reflect full power of my PC.

I used to test the game on an asus eee 700
That’s a 900MHz mobile cpu with 500MB of ram.
I regularly test the game now on another netbook with a sub 2GHz single core CPU and 1GB of ram.

You’ll be fine.

I’ve played this game many times on my old Compaq just because and it’s got a single core processor clocked at 1055MHz and 128MB RAM. It runs a tad slow, but smooth.

Really you could probably play it on a sufficiently large toaster if you dont mind load times.

RAM can be a bottleneck here. And when it’s not RAM, it’s HD.
The world calculations are relatively cheap (unless you’re burning a forest), but those submaps add up. And since there is no mechanism of automatically loading/unloading them and the format they are saved in is rather sparse (map is saved like [ “grass”, “grass”, “grass”, “dirt” ] etc.), it can take a large chunk of load times.

For example, a typical reality bubble contains roughly 30 map squares (121 submap squares). But then, in z-level mode, that grows to 21*30, because each z-level keeps a whole “slice” of the world in memory. They aren’t all loaded from HD, though - most z-levels are solid rock or pure empty air.
Each map square is at least 7 kb. Now, parsing 7 kb is fast, parsing 30 files each of which is 10 kb is also fast, but acquiring those 10 kb from 30 files at once while the system is swapping hard due to lack of RAM - that may take a noticeable while. Windows is particularly bad at managing memory and files.

Then there is saving, which has to take all those squares and dump a large part of them to the hard drive.

It’s not a big deal on a typical sane system, but apparently it hurts on USB drives and such.

I remember now, it plays fine on that Compaq but I did have to turn off autosave after the first few days of exploring. It simply too too long.

I played catadda 0.B on Lego EV3 brick through ssh about a year ago. Nothing serious of course, just ran around for a first in-game day. Every simple move took a noticeable fraction of a second (like 0.3-0.5 second), crafting and such was very slow as well. The specs were - 300 MhZ CPU, 64 Mb Ram (+ another 64 Mb swap on microsd flash) running ev3dev (stripped ubuntu basically), ssh over USB CDC connection.

OK, mine first attempt at OCing, 3.6 GHz, 1.275 V, runs all fine and smoothly.
AMD FX-8320.

I think I can list rough minimum and recommended requirements of this game.
486DX CPU or better (Treah proved it can work even on 486DX (watchcdda, at least)).
50 MB HDD,
Any graphics card,
Windows XP or later (tested on Windows 2000, doesn’t work), Linux, Android KitKat (4.4.x)( (Play Store said the version is too old on Jelly Bean (4.2.x)), unsure about Mac OS.

2 GHz CPU or better,
500 MB HDD (if you want to run multiple saves, or play one save for a couple of in-game years),
NVIDIA GTX 310 or higher (any if playing on curses),
Windows 7 (it’s still supported by Microsoft), Linux, Android, unsure about Mac OS.

I was running it on a $60 android RCA tablet I got from Walmart just fine this past week. It took a little bit longer to auto save than on my PC, but it wasn’t a huge difference. Not sure if it helps but it was a RCA Voyager RCT6963W42M.

as someone with both an insane PC and an ability to speak in an informed matter about this topic i will say one thing and one thing only:

m.2 nvme ssd makes ALL of the difference, at least a 1000% increase, even though that’s not how percentages work.

other than that, you could probably run it on a potato.

I would almost say you could play the game on anything.

i honestly wish i still had an old slot-processor 486 around to see just how far back you could go, i bet linus tech tips $69 gaming PC would handle the game just fine.

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:2, topic:13525”]That depends on your viewport settings. Drawing is the slowest part of the game.
Works just fine here with 2ghz, 160x80 viewport with zlevels.[/quote]
Getting crafting inventory or generating item actions menu is rather slow too especially when you have many items around player character.

For your information, my old computer: (Pentium D 2.8GHz, Geforce 7100 GS, 2GB RAM, windows 7 64bit)

The text part is ULTRA slow (menu, for example) when software rendering is off, the game uses several seconds to draw a single frame.
If I turn software renderering on, it becomes normal (though overall performance is lowered but at least you can craft something).

For those who are using old hardwares, perhaps you can try this option.

Someone on IRC said unless your computer is a potato then you could run this game. And to that I said challenge accepted.

Went over to a friends and pulled a old 486DX out of her carport thats been rained on and dirty and is covered in spiders. Going to clean it up, install linux on it and then run this game. :slight_smile: I plan on making a separate post with pictures and everything dubbed “THE POTATO” Stay tuned :stuck_out_tongue: