SVS-24 and BB gun - build 5883, ver. 0.C-19627-gbe0fba8 (tiles)

I’ve noticed couple of things with subject weapons:

[ul][li]SVS-24 which I think is a part of Icecoon’s Weapon Pack is assault rifle with automatic fire mode available. But it has no magazines. Ammo is reloaded 1 by 1 when you press “r” and there is no magazine listed in the weapon’s description.[/li]
[li]BB Gun doesn’t shoot. I made a bunch of metal fragments (listed as BB ammo type in crafting) and loaded one fragment into BB Gun. When you press 'f’ire it says “no targets in sight”, firing menu looks fine with steadiness and all. but you cannot fire because it cannot find any targets in range even if the enemy is adjacent to you. And there is also no free-aim mode. Basically nothing.[/li][/ul]

simply edit json ranged.json. first gun is a BBgun. look to other guns and take field “distance”(or some of that sort - and copy to your BBgun. voila.
i fix my BBgun this way.
err maybe itz a cheat - but i… i do not care about it. :slight_smile:

good playing to you!

Yeah maybe, buy you have to do it after each version update and I update the game almost daily. It gets annoying. Plus it doesn’t fix SVS-24 problem.

Magazines were proposed on two occasions by chaosvolt and I, but circumstances prevented their addition. I have some magazines that can be PRd.

Metal fragments lack range. I don’t think they are intended as BB ammo in the first place.

EDIT: Ah, they are supposed to work with BB after all. The problem is that BBs use ammo stats to set range and shards use the splinterguns stats to set range; this means that BBs can be used with splinterguns, but shards fail to fire from BB guns. I may fix this later.

If you want to fix it yourself, add "range": 12, to the BB gun and remove “range”: 12, from the BB.