Survivor who threatens counts as innocent

Windows 10 Pro

pretty much what it says, after a survivor threatened me i drop my weapon and draw my rifle and blow his head off and i get the “killed innocent” morale debuff is there anyway to track what kind of survivor they are without them being hostile?

This is a known issue and unfortunately difficult to address, the simple solution of marking the npc as being hostile actually causes the npc to attack you instead of mugling you. There needs to be Some fairly lengthy overhaul of NPC air to fix this.

ah ok i will just have to remove the morale debuff in the .sav each time then :frowning:

Sorry about the inconvenience, this is the first project I’ve worked on where it’s so complicated that you can know exactly what is causing a problem, but be unable to fix it because the surrounding code is so complex and fragile. We’re working on making that better, but the NPC code in particular is held together with duct tape, spit, and good intentions.

I’m not that familiar with Cata’s coding, but could it be fixed by setting a ‘mugging’ attribute on the NPC to 1 (or whatever) when they take the mugging action, and have the killed innocent check look for it? It’d be like the ethical hp of the NPC!

I always was curious about that. By my only year of coding knowledge it looks like that kind of stuff would be relatively easy to check, why wouldn’t you be able to just do that? I know it’s not the best way to implement it, though. It’d be more hardcoding. Honest question, really curious about it.