Other Survivors Stealing

I made a shelter out of my… shelter. Built a fireplace, have crap laying around all over, etc.

I play with NPCs on (because otherwise you have literally useless skills in the game). Two guys walk in. One wants to rob me, the other isn’t hostile. I killed the hostile one, while meanwhile his buddy walks behind me and starts grabbing 2 of my firearms and some weapon mods.

He runs out the door. I run over, grab my AR-15 sitting there (loaded, natch), and light his ass up.

I get a -75 Morale penalty for killing an innocent.

I don’t know how it would be done, but we really need some kind of designation for “This is my area”. That survivor stole things that I went out and scavenged, and then I get a shitty morale penalty for dealing with the situation.

It’s rather like when you get them to join you - they just steal anything they want of yours and you have to TRADE for it back. It’s silly.

I usually debug high bartr and speech skills when playing with Npcs because otherwise its a pain to interact with them.

Theres no wait to tell them that your stuff is not up for grabs, the best thing to do is to let them grab it and then debug copies of the items for your use.

And people wonder why I took up cannibalism in CDDA.

But yeah take the psychopath trait if you play with bugsNPCs on.

Whenever I play with NPCs on, I keep a loaded shotgun near me at all times.

Bitches steal, bitches get buckshot in their face.

This deserves to be sigged.