Hostile NPC bug

I was reading in my large tent outside of town when I heard a noise outside. Turned out it was a hostile NPC and it attacked me with a nail board. I swiftly hacked him to bits with my Katana and now i’m suffering morale penalties “Killed Innocent” as if I had just killed a friendly NPC.

It’s irritating now that I have to sit here in the dead of night with -100 morale. Can’t read, and I don’t want to explore. Any way for me to reset my morale using the debug menu?

EDIT: Forgot to mention the build i’m playing is 3660. Changed it because StatsThroughSkills is working here.

I figured a way on how to deal with the morale.

Cheat in some food and water and basically sleep it away by setting your needs so your char is exhausted.

My fault, I set npc::hit_by_player in a place where it should be left alone, will fix soon.

Thanks. I’ll stay playing at 3660, instead of killing them with my char i’ll just use the debug menu from here on out.

Could also go grab a vibrator. Counteract the morale penalty and make it easier to sleep away the worries afterward, no debugging needed. o3o