Can anyone tell me where your survivors morale stat is saved in the files?

Got some weirdness while clearing a bandit apartment block, despite being attacked on sight by several bandits already I’ve ended up with a truly massive “killing innocents” morale penalty (600+) and would like to edit it out. I know I can do it through the debug menu but with that kind of morale penalty I’m going to have to be redoing it constantly to stop myself getting morale higher then it should be while I wait for the penalty to degrade.
On a side note it doesn’t make a lot of sense to me getting that penalty considering they have actual slaves/captives and clearly aren’t all that innocent, do I really have to let them shoot me full of holes before attacking to avoid it?

Nevermind, found it.
For anyone else that gets this or similar issues it’s in the one .SAV file in your “worldname” folder


Thank you very much

Your welcome? you had the same problem?

I may have provoked an uprising in the shelter, I not sure…

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Woops :smiley: (20 characters)

Thats why always take the psycho trait