Survivor Harness bugs out when trying to wield arrows

In discription of simple metal arrows it says that they can be stored inside survivor harness, and it does have a pocket of appropriate size. However, when I try to pick up an arrow while wearing a harness, it only gives me an option to "w"wield an arrow, I can’t put it into the inventory. I also can’t "i"insert it into the harness manually either (it does not appear in the list).

However, if I’m wearing a harness AND a quiver, then once the quiver overflows, arrows do go into the harness. Then I can drop the quiver and arrows will stay in the harness. Am I doing something wrong or is that a bug?

Can you put arrow(s) in the harness while there are already some arrows in there? (and the quiver is not worn) Anyway, it look like a bug so making a bug report on github would help fixing it.

No you can’t put additional arrows onto the harness once you take the quiver off, as far as I can tell. However, I think I tried this before and it somehow worked, so not sure. Also, you can put the quiver WITH arrows into the harness, but you can’t draw arrows from it then.

Also when I tried to load a save where I was carrying arrows in a harness (left quiver at home), I got an error during loading something about something being put into wrong container and all my arrows inside harness got destroyed. I’m not sure if that part is reproducible as I don’t want to accidentally lose more arrows while experimenting.