Quivers Will Not Store Bolts, Only Arrows (5233)

On the latest experimental when I attempt to activate my large quiver with only bolts in my inventory it says there is no matching ammo, however when I introduce arrows into my inventory it gives the option to store arrows.

I imagine this might have been an unintended side effect of the recent change where the chance to fail at drawing from a quiver was removed.

Has the quiver ever stored bolts? It says on the item that is stores 30/60 rounds of arrows, so I’m pretty sure it’s intentional. In real life a special quiver is used for bolts that is more like a small pouch on your belt than the cylinder on your back you’re used to seeing.

I’ve been using a quiver to store bolts since I started playing the game about 7 months ago.

Quivers store Bolts, i’ve always used them with the crossbow or the pneumatic bolt thrower. I’ve been using the smaller quiver in build 5217 without any issues. I haven’t tried using the larger quiver as I don’t need to carry that many bolts with me.