Cap your quiver!

Well, quivers have caps that keep your arrows from falling out right? Well, as I’m getting annoyed by having to press 1 or 2 for an arrow, we could just cap that quiver and just use the one that’s open! This can also be applied to holsters so that we stop accidental firing of our weapons when we’re not holding anything. I’ve wasted many shotgun slugs by doing that.

“Ugggh Ninja it’s just one key press, don’t be so lazy.” Well it’s a thing. Shush.

Alternatively have you checked if having it on your inventory but not wearing it produces any difference?

Yeah, but not wearing your quiver can get in the way of carrying a lot of stuff.

(I end up carrying a lot of volume-esc stuff when looting. Them jerrycans, yo.)

erm… if we already pop up a menu when you activat the quiver (do we?), it’d be fairly trivial to add. The interface is more of a limitation than the code.