Survivor Gear Requirements Question

So I was perusing the Survivor Gear requirements and I noticed a few things:

  • “pair of survivor boots” requires 88 Kevlar Sheets.
    … why? The boots weight 1.33kg, so why is it requiring 44kg worth off Kevlar Sheets? The Light Survivor Boots also require 88 Kevlar Sheets, and the boots weight 1.12kg.

But it’s not all. Survivor Cargo Pants require 88 Kevlar Sheet and 88 Cotton Sheet. Cotton Sheet also weight 0.5kg (so 44kg worth of Cotton Sheet total).

I find it strange considering they are the items that require way, way more “weight” in material than they actually weight when the product is finished.

Am I to safely assume these recipes are still being subject to change, or were they forgotten? It’s been like this since at least October (going back on a few youtube videos for instance), and, unless I am missing something, they do feel like they should be revised.


kevlar sheets are the component for kevlar plates, same with cotton sheets for making sheets/clothing
rags and kevlar plates used to be the norm in 0.E

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That’s not put into question. The question is why do we require 44kg worth of 1 of the components to make a final product worth less than 2kg?
Or in the case of the Survivor Cargo Pants, why do we need 88kg worth of 2 combined components to make something that weights around 6kg?

Hence why the question.Unless the requirements / number of materials required for crafting change as your proficiency goes up - or unless I am missing some mechanic - there’s no reason I can think of that explains the waist of so much material for these items.

the weights on them are gunked, they’re pretty common to find ngl, just rip down curtains and disassemble sheets for the cotton sheets. Kevlar is just done by cutting things like combat boots

image image


Okay that was some real weird info misinterpretation on my behalf, my apologies. I stand corrected.

You won’t be the first, or the last. Our charges system divides some values by the charges for each individual item, and doesn’t do it for some others.

It’s really confusing, and makes it quite hard to know what the properties of a single item of that type will be.