Cutting part-kevlar items?

Is there any way to get kevlar plates from items made from a combination of kevlar and leather, such as combat boots or tactical gloves? I only ever seem to get leather, despite having a high tailoring skill and trying with both knives and scissors. It seems like you should at least be able to get one or two plates out of these items…

You only ever get whichever salvageable material is listed first in its description, unfortunately. You need to cut up items with KEVLAR as their first material, like MBR vests.

Combat boots and tactical gloves both have kevlar first in their description:

Think I should file a bug report then?

Material priority seems to be cotton > leather > plastic > nomex > kevlar. You don’t get the “first” material, you get the weaker of the two, if both are obtainable by cutting.

I.e. leather/cotton or plastic/cotton items will always yield rags. Similarly, kevlar/nomex will yield nomex patches and kevlar/leather will yield leather patches.

Ah, my mistake.

It should be updated so that you get appropriate amounts of both.

Yeah. I just cut up a suit of swat armor and got 50 rags. I feel cheated.

Yeah. I just cut up a suit of swat armor and got 50 rags. I feel cheated.[/quote]
Mayhaps instead if it’s two items a defined amount of items, EG a SWAT suit Would be a fair amount of plastic, then kevlar, then a small amount of rags.

It’d take a lot of data entry to do it properly, but it’s worth looking into. As is, you basically need to find MBRs to get Kevlar, or hope for a police dog.

Most robots and turrets have a chance of dropping a kevlar plate.
Labs frequently have kevlar plates in boxes, too.

But I usually find more than enough MBR vests just from crash sites.

For the record, the underlying problem for this is one of the last Blockers for 0.B. You wanna be a hero?

The amount of work that would be terrifies me. I’m also not totally sure what the best way to do it would be.

Intuitively, I would think of just adding another integer variable in the “materials” section that supplies how much of each material you’d receive when Cutting it, with a fall back to the current methods if no value is found. I can already think of some caveats though: if the volume changes, you’d have to update them too; it may be better to get it from the recipe if available to prevent bugs like 7125 and 7254; it may be better to set up more Disassemble recipes…I just don’t really know the code well enough to give a solid answer to be honest. I’d be willing to help with the manual boring data entry parts, but I’m unsure about setting up architecture for something like this until I’ve got a better feel for the code.

No worries. Kevin’s landed a fix.

I merged a fix that had a few rough edges, so my contribution was mostly filing those down so you can’t cut yourself on them :wink:
Also, it WAS a major undertaking.

Thanks a ton for all your hard work guys, this will help immensely!