0.E Kevlar recovery from clothing

So after a few days of hunting zombie cops, soldiers, or anything else that looks like it might have a bit of kevlar on it, I’ve managed to collect 9 kevlar sheets.

With 16 of these I can make a single layered kevlar panel, which I’ll need four of to make a fairly small piece of survivor gear… That seems like a wildly lossy resource grind compared to most of the other cloth/leather/etc you need to gather. Like, I’m cutting up all this armored gear to get a square inch strip of kevlar from each of them. :smile:

Is that intentional, or is the new kevlar crafting resource still in early balance testing?

I’ve gotten layered kevlar directly from cutting up ANBC suits. Some other gear that I can’t remember off the top of my head, too. Hunt those hazmat zombos.

Are the items you’re breaking down for Kevlar heavily damaged? In my experience damaged items tend to yield less resources when broken down.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Finally found some guy in body armor that barfed up 11 layered panels when I tore it up. Seems like some stuff gives you virtually no kevlar, while certain items grant an embarrassment of riches. Probably should be evened out somewhat for balance purposes.

Yeah, some item stopped giving kevlar. On the other hand I’m able to “skin” kevlar zombie for a lot of it, but I don’t remember if the two big version of the kevlar zombie (brute and the hulk) are in the base game or if it’s from a mod.
If you find a hulk, skin it.

They are in the base game and in the 0.E stable, but the designer did not plan that they give kevlar, if I understand him/her right… (not that this should stop you from exploiting it, though…):

It’s possible that - at some point in the future - they can’t be harvested for kevlar anymore.

Fire fighting garments used to have a little bit of Kevlar. Dunno if that changed though. Wouldn’t mind knowing if anyone has the info. Thanks in advance.

They do. The main coat has some - but it doesn’t amount to much, you’d have to get lucky on your rolls or murder your way through a couple firehouses to get enough to make anything.

Trying to remember what it was that I broke down to get nearly a dozen layered pieces - it might have been one of the rare firefighting equipment pieces?

But because of the massive exchange ratio, that single breakdown was worth something on the order of 50-100 ‘normal’ pieces of Kevlar yield gear.

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Thanks for the quick reply. Maybe an MBR vest? I don’t normally see them in my game, but I rippem apart sometimes to make a less encumbering makeshift vest :slight_smile:
Maybe you washed a dirty survivor garment and then ripped it apart? I can’t recall to many garments that drop 12 pieces. But I roll light and under 10 encumber to not encur penalties.

Unfortunately I was just kind of auto butchering my way through a bunch of spawns when I realized something had just broken down for the motherload, so I don’t recall what it was. Sorry.

I composed a list of items (from the base game, as of experimental build 10968) that take more than 20 layered kevlar panels to craft and possibly drop these from uncrafting/cutting them up…:

  • Kevlar-lined horse peto (56)
  • ANBC suit (48)
  • XL heavy survivor suit (48)
  • XL Kevlar vest (43)
  • XL survivor suit (42)
  • AEP suit (24)
  • entry suit (24)
  • heavy survivor suit (24)
  • light survivor suit (24)
  • scavenger gear (24)
  • survivor firesuit (24)
  • survivor suit (24)
  • survivor wetsuit (24)
  • winter survivor suit (24)

It’s possible that some of these values differentiate from the ones of 0.E stable or in future versions.

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Ah! Yeah, the Entry Suit was the one that I found, the name jogged my memory.

Is it possible to set items to cut up very inefficiently rather than be un-cuttable? It would be preferable to be able to get something from these sorts of items, as they tend to be fairly rare finds.

I’ve already heavily nerfed kevlar butchery amounts, not likely to change it much further.

So the issue is that things that break down into kevlar fabric (or scrap or whatever it’s called), tends to do so in fairly small amounts - about 2-7 in my experience - while things that break down into layered kevlar often breaks down for a large amount (10 or more).

Take this butchery ratio and then cram it through the 12/1 recipe ratio for making layered kevlar out of kevlar scraps, and it amounts to kevlar scrap being pretty worthless, because it drops in smaller amounts AND you need a lot more of it to do anything, while on the other hand breaking down a single Entry Suit or ANBC will probably yield enough layered kevlar for an entire suite of survivor gear instantly.

Afaik kevlar vests get cut into about a dozen layered kevlar panels if not badly damaged.

I think they drop sometimes from zombie soldiers or cops, don’t remember now.

Nice to read that it probably will stay this way… but who knows what the future holds.
At some point it might be overhauled again and changed… I just don’t want to be held accountable in a few years that I’ve stated “they are in the base game and drop kevlar”, which may not be longer true at that point…