Crafting recipe for Heavy Survivor Boots not right

For some reason, I’m able to build Heavy Survivor Boots without any Kevlar. The other Survivor gear looks right, but for some reason all I need for the heavy boots is the rags, leather, base boots, and metal. I would assume this is incorrect behavior, since the material is listed as “Kevlar, Steel” in the description.

I haven’t TRIED this, since the boots take friggin forever to craft, but I would imagine that this implies an exploit to convert random leather and crud into kevlar. Kinda inefficiently, but still.


This is a problem with items with different material. If I understand it right it’s because the exact proportion between material in items isn’t transferred in crafting, leading to potential exploit and inconsistency.

Another abusable bug!

Honestly, I’m not that worried about inconsistencies in crafting, as more often than not you’ll end up with less than it cost to make the stuff. What I am worried about is that with this, you can create expensive and rare Kevlar with leather, cloth and metal, each of which are absurdly common.