Survior suit; useless?

It seems to me that the standard survivor suit has no point to build, not having the storage of the light one or the protection from the heavy one while having a higher warmth and having full body coverage which prohibits the amount of extra layers you can put on to make up for it’s weaknesses.

In the stable 0.8, yeah it’s low on advantages.

In the experimental it strikes a really nice balance between the light and heavy versions.

What Rivet said XD I personally prefer the heavy suit but if I can’t make a heavy suit in a reasonable amount of time I usually take the standard suit.

Light suit’s the best, in my opinion. If you want more location armor you can just pile on the arm and leg guards.

I assume there’s some survival helmet, gloves, and boots in the works somewhere? SET BONUS COME ON

Challenge accepted.

Challenge accepted.[/quote]


Challenge accepted.[/quote]

These boots were made for survivin’
And that’s just what they’ll do

this seems to be lacking some face protection

PR’ed! Also, I’ve included a wintertime survivor suit variant.

There’s already a survivor mask in the experimental.