Sunken Wastes mod (seeking contributors)

After much toil and bubble, I have completed my first mod! However since I am new to this, I could use some help tidying up and adding more flavour, as it is currently in alpha.
This mod completely changes the overmap to become a desolate dessert with the occasional building sunken beneath the sand. Since there are no fruit bearing trees or above ground water sources there is a heavy focus on scavenging and mobility, encouraging a more mad max playstyle of relying on vehicles and attempting to find ways to suck what little water remains from the atmosphere as you can.
The link to the zip folder is below

Planned features are new monsters and additional buildings.

Will there be newspaper snippets about how the state turned into a wasteland?

much of the remaining liquid might be the blood of your enemies

Nice concept. You do want to get rid of that .zip in the repo and put the actual files in there, so contributing and keeping track of changes is easier. Github already supports downloading the repo as a zip or tar.gz file.

yes, its planned
as well as dried out husks and beef jerky zombies, once I figure out how to replace the normal zombie spawns with new one

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