New mod what do you all think

Hey guys and gals, Im going to start making a new mod and i kind of want your opinions, beware my bad humor.

In real life most building of important’s have built in generators depending on the building in sub basements or outside, I was thinking of adding light and switches to all buildings and allowing you to craft a small not so portable generator to power the lights fridge and other appliances. For the more important buildings bunkers, LOME shelters, apartments, office towers, Military outposts and things of that nature having built in building generators you have to either repair or refill and they will power the buildings minimal faculties, The generators will make noise and light will attract the z’s so be cautions. Also Keep in mind they won’t be nuclear power plants they wont power everything under the sun. Sorry Victor if you want to create Frankenstein you still need lighting.

for all those non movie nuts victor is the doctor who created Frankenstein

We had a soldier around a while ago, wanted to implement a larger milbase. Not sure what happened to xem, but that would be one idea for a Backup Generator. In general, though, we tend to frown on generators until the horde mechanics get sorted out.

(There’s a PR to do just that sitting in the hopper, but it’s outdated, has formatting issues, and is generally stuck. :frowning: )

Put it through damn you, anyways a larger mil base would be nice maybe an airfield where they tried to evac essential personnel, If you could put in a Bradly or a LAV, 25mm of death and destruction on wheels or treads.

Was it Clayton or Badsniper? Anyway, good luck on it.

If i get enough support and commitment on ill build it and maybe add some new vehicles iv got in mind

How are you going to architect it? This is not a minor project you’ve picked out.

im using the existing buildings just adding generators to the ones that would have em in real life and the vehicles might be a challenge but iv been in most of the ones i want to add so it might be a bit easier.

The major problems for your vehicle idea are treads (multi-tile vehicle systems generally, for that matter, but ripping up the ground, throwing one, change the whole thing at once, etc) and rotating subassemblies such as you’d find on top of gallons-per-mile USian military vehicles. If you take the Rhino (GTA San Andreas, probably other GTAs too) approach and say your Bradley IFV is using road wheels, that’s half the battle bypassed.

But yeah, rotating Main Gun turrets ain’t a joke. Knowing the interior’s one thing, but coding it’s another.

NO road wheels. it must have indestructible tracks and a hull that landmines will not damage. It must be the most op thing in the game. LOL i was thinking of leaving out all the assemblies and all the technical stuff till the game progresses, It will be tracks and have the graphics of one but the damage model of a tracked vehicle. Make it easier to traverse dirt stuff like that. Right now it’s going to be a place holder no ripping up shit for this baby till I get a ton of free time. The 25mm i was thinking of would act like any other vehicle turret i need some major brainstorming for the track animation and a player controlled main gun. Iv got a buddy in the electronic warfare field he might help me code this shit in.

Treads are a problem. The simplest solution I can think of, would be to have a sprocket and rollers as a special kind of frame (limited to armor, panels, and so on). Treads are placed on these tiles and can be damaged individually. If the tread or sprocket is damaged, or more then half the rollers, then that entire side no longer works. This would all have to be analyzed in vertical lines in start/end groups.

Off the top of my head, something like this probably to detect them.

int start_y = -1; for(int x = 0; x < max_x; ++x) { start_y = -1; for(int y = 0; y < max_y; ++y) { int type = vmap[y][x].frame; if(type == VTYPE_SPROCKET || type == VTYPE_ROLLER) { if(start_y == -1) start_y = y; } else if(start_y != -1) { add_tread(x, start_y, y - 1); start_y = -1; } } if(start_y != -1) { add_tread(x, start_y, max_y - 1); } }

Then in add_tread, check contents for actual tread pieces, their conditions and so forth.

Smart I might use that little tidbit if you don’t mind

Frankenstein was Victor’s last name, the monster was just Frankenstein’s monster. Anyways, yes generators are a good idea as far as I’m concerned as long as its applied to the appropriate buildings .

[quote=“mwswimmer, post:7, topic:6943”]im using the existing buildings just adding generators to the ones that would have em in real life[/quote]Right, but what’s your plan for making them actually work? I’d be thinking along the lines of an infrastructure-tracking object attached to the overmap tile that gets updated any time a generator (or whatever else) is built or destroyed, but that’s just my first instinct; I haven’t really looked into it.

Generators or building power period is a whole different kettle of fish. It would require writing an entire subsystem from scratch (or heavily abusing the vehicle one and hammering that into place). I have considered this before myself, albeit on a slightly larger scale. The treads would probably be workable because it is only making a slight modification to an already existing (and working) system. The turrets… well that’s complicated.