Suggestions for innawoods mods

Does anyone know which mods focus on playing innawoods and being self sufficient and less on realism? I want to be able to make everything innawoods without going into town to scavenge for anything. Or at least make as much stuff as possible myself without having to scavnge for it. Is this possible with any current mods? Thanks!

Never tried it but I know this exists

Also, last time I tried to generate a world without anything there were still roads, cabins and LMOE shelters present. And hidden labs, but they are hard to find.

Thanks, gonna check it out. Also, does anyone know if there are any self sufficiency mods that enable crafting of mid to late game stuff? I don’t just want to have primitive stone weapons, i want to be able to bootstrap my own advanced industry and make high tier weapons and armour too. Thanks in advance!