Evening, gents. I could use some mod suggestions, if you don't mind

Basically, i’m looking for a mod/combination of mods that lets me be completely self sufficient innawoods. I want to be able to craft EVERYTHING up to and including CBMs and power armor starting with nothing but my two hands. I don’t want to have to scavenge in towns for anything, i want to be able to make everything innawoods.

I already know about the mining mod and “more survival tools”, as well as “more survival tools extra”. I already have those enabled, but they don’t let me get any further than basic machinery/chemistry. I don’t remember exactly what the bottleneck was but at some point you need heating elements to make stuff and you can’t make those yourself, you have to smash ovens in town to get them.

Me no like this. This rubs my inner “pull yourself up by your bootstraps/atlas shrugged/rugged individualist prepper/build a nuclear reactor using nothing but a paperclip/mcgyver” the wrong way. Basically i want to be able to make everything without ever entering a town. Towns should only be there to speed the process up if i can’t be bothered to craft something myself, but should not be a hard block to any progress. Does anyone know of any mods that let me do this?


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Actually you can make heating elements without smashing ovens. It’s a task but I’ve bootstrapped the necessary copper wire before since it’s just copper and duct tape. (Used to be possible with wire and duct tape before copper was a thing)

With the mining mod if you can get copper then you’re good to go since it’s just one copper and one unit of duct tape to make. It is fabrication 5 and electronics 3. So it’s not exactly trivial, but it’s also autolearned so that’s a big plus.

Thanks, but does this apply to everything else as well? Heating elements were just an example. It was a few months since i last played but i distinctly remember that eventually i HAD to go into town and scavenge for stuff since i couldn’t make it innawoods. Have they now changed to game to where you can literally make EVERYTHING innawoods without ever having to go into town, or will you eventually reach a point where you need something that is uncraftable and only obtainable via town scavenging?

It depends on how far you want to go really and how okay you are with wrecks. An innawoods character will likely never be able to get power armor or anything like that for example.

I figured that I could at least help with that one bottleneck, but I don’t know if any mods that let you bootstrap end game/lab stuff.

Just debug learn all recipes and add Hammerspace mutation.

I don’t want to cheat. I just want everything to be craftable so i can basically use mining to dig up metals and bootstrap my own high tech industry innawoods without needing to go into town.

It doesn’t make any sense.

Who said it has to make sense?

So, instead of “cheating” you want a mod that’ll do the same cheating for you? :confused:

Well a lot of the things you are asking for can’t be made even with resourses availible in cities, power armour being one of them. The main thing that will hold you back from a lot of other stuff is going to access to recipes, in theory you can probably get up to power generation etc but you’d need the books to actually craft the stuff for it.

Just use Debug menu, please.