Innawood suggestions

So I’ve picked up innawood once again, and im pretty well off with several dozen hours on this save. Ive gotten a most of the steel tools, ive built a sizable cabin, ive got flintlock firearms, etc. What im noticing though is that i cant really test my new gear on anything, because theres no real dungeons i can explore.

The only dungeons ive really found are Mi-Go towers (which are too hot to explore without bionics or technology), bug nests (which have no real good loot and are too deadly for regular plate armor), and somehow i found a strange temple (i wont spoil anything but lets just say it would be far too difficult to deal with). The problem is the whole point of innawood is to not have many structures. So theres a big issue.

So my idea is this. Yanno how in the base game theres the evac shelter with all the survivors? If there was something like that in innawood, it would add a whole MESS OF OPTIONS.

You could have innawood unique quests for this tribe or whatever, you could add trading, and since, like the evac shelter, this would be super far away, it wouldnt be an option for early game as youd need to actually trek all the way there somehow. Without a car.

This would bolster the late midgame by a TON. Adding a lot more to work towards in a mod that currently doesn’t really have much mid game content.

This new group of survivors could sell stuff like unobtainable seeds, crafting recipes, animals and weapons. Because typically, you cant make a lot of end game melee weapons or armor because you dont have the recipes.

I don’t know how it would be done because i am anything but a modder. I dont even know if what i described would be possible. But im sure hoping it is.

And if it isnt? Then do a lesser version. Like the random farm with the unique NPCs in the base game, do one of those with like a stone age tribe. They could sell basic materials like hides and would be encountered randomly.

That or at the bare minimum, make some of the available dungeons doable with the items available. If the heat mechanic from the mi go towers was removed theyd be doable.

fyi there is Innawood mod · Discussion #54291 · CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA · GitHub, I am not sure if Light-Wave is on here.