A few questions for my Innawood Playthrough

My npc companion sometimes refuses to cut wood unless I walk him to the tree cutting zone, is this simply because of the unrefined npc system or am I not seeing something? Also, do NPCs get cold?

Im pretty dead set on my character being a heavy armor specialist with a weapon with high blocking ability, right now I’m sticking to staves and and working on getting an ironshod quarterstaff, are there any other weapons with really good blocking that would fit the aesthetic of a big, dumb, illiterate hulking man in platemail?

Winter is coming, and I am pretty sure I have a good amount of food. I have a few hundred dehydrated fruits, a bunch of dehydrated cattail stalks, around 300 dehydrated meat, and around a thousand flour. My fields have yet to grow, so once they do, I will have even more, is this enough food for winter, and is there anything I should prep for?

Whats a good way to get pelts? I’m wandering around the world exploring a lot but I’m having a really hard time finding any animals that yield pelts. I’ve killed a few coyotes and thats it. What should I be on the lookout for when it comes to pelts?

Can mutant meat be used for anything? I keep killing all these freaking bugs for their chitin and end up just throwing away the meat because I’m afraid of the toxins. Should I be dehydrating it and using it for anything?

Mutagen isn’t something I’ve ever fiddled with and I would like to with this playthrough. From what I understand sometimes animals have putrid hearts that you can cut out of them to then turn into congealed blood. What kinds of mutations will I get from this? Will it fit the character i pictured above or will my big strong himbo lumberjack turn into some pansy elf? Any tips?

Is there any chance I could somehow get electricity way down the line? I’m talking real basic stuff like a steam generator or a windmill powering a heater for winter or even a simple light. And while we’re on that topic, what are some good light sources I have access to? Right now I only really have candles.

Thank you for reading, id love to hear your thoughts, and if you have any random tips for innawood or cdda in general, do tell!

(Also PS, bronze armor and weapons are still locked behind books and stuff, pls fix)

(PSS, havent used the fourum very much, so if i screwed up in any way, do let me know!)

Zones outside of the reality bubble aren’t taken into consideration for starting activities.
I don’t think companions get cold (I haven’t brought one to an ice lab, though), but they can get killed by heat.

To determine if your food is enough: count how much you consume per day. Note that fields planted in spring won’t yield anything until half way through summer. I don’t know if autumn planting is a thing, or if the crops will just die. Personally I try to make pemmican out of (dehydrated) meat as it has a long shelf life and provides lots of calories, and some vitamin supplement probably doesn’t hurt.

I stay away from mutations and go the CBM route (not Innawood) due to the randomness of the mutation process. However, it sounds like Ursine might be a mutation path you’d like. Alpha might be another alternative. I’ve gotten all my (unused) mutagens from labs, though…

Coyotes, dogs, wolves, cougars ought to yield pelts. I’m not sure about deer and moose in the game. Sheep are rather well known for having a lot of hair, but I guess they can be tricky to get hold of, and I’d expect goats to provide pelts as well, if you could get hold of them (but both species are probably better used for milk production, unless you have more than you can make use of).

It presumably is possible to use some tainted meat as fillers, i.e. you can eat some and not get sick. Also, tainted fat (processed further) can be used for non food usages such as lamp oil.

Electricity: It requires metal, of course, so you’d have to get hold of that. Also, you need the recipes for what you want to produce, and I’d expect light to be tricky, as light bulbs aren’t exactly easy to make. I’d probably try to go for oil lamps for lighting, with electric lighting as a stretch goal. I’ve never used the Innawood mod, though.

Last I heard, using the disable npc needs mod makes it so that ambient heat and cold doesn’t affect them. It’s included by default.

Sounds to me like you have plenty enough food. If you haven’t gotten to autumn yet, you can scavenge for tons and tons of nuts during that season as well. Just remember to wary your diet. Strawberries are great for vitamin C.

Many zombie animals give tainted pelts when skinned that can be cured into pelts. Could be worth considering. Zombears can be worth hunting here.

You can eat a few pieces of tainted meat a day without negative consequences. But at your stage, you may as well go ahead and toss it into a fire to use it as fuel.

Only one creature has a heart that can be used for mutations, and it’s a very rare spawn. The easiest way I found them was to head to a river and talk to the NPCs that spawn there. Several of them talked about barely escaping a horror, and that they were going to meet up with their friends at said river later. They ask you to kill it, which will reveal the location where it is. The blood makes you mutate to be more like a wild beast. Although I’m not 100% sure it still works after the mutagen rework.

Right now, there is not much you can do with electricity in Innawood, but there are plans to change that.

For light, I like the oil lamp.

Changes to bronze tools, weapons and armor are being worked on.

Random tip: Sheep, cows, and such can spawn near ponds. You might wanna go ahead and find a sheep to shear before winter, because you can’t shear them during the winter (they would freeze!), and it’s difficult to get warm enough footwear for the winter without either wool or rubber.

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