[Suggestion] Satellite Crash

While playing Kerbal Space Program I thought that maybe we can have satellite crash in the game, some high-tech piece of metal containing high-value information that some military squad had to get back, bad luck for them. Now you got the black box, and if you find a way to analyze it you may discover some important information about the cataclysm.

Maybe we can also have a Secret Satellite Control hidden in some military facilities, where, if you have an high skill in computers, you will be able control various type of satellites, each one with his own functionalities ranging from GPS to military purposes.

orbital strikes? hell yes.

Not like you are wrong or something, I actually like that idea, but I just wanted to post this after words “orbital strikes”

does intentionally crashing the satelite still count as an orbital strike?

You must have a plan B! If your rifle does not shoot, throw it!

I think that works better with a bayonet.

how about a satellite crash site can randomly spawn? the crash will cause large fires and can destroy buildings. it also causes radioactivity. and can cause regular mobs to turn into mutants.

Why radioactivity?

The future my friend! Solar power is gone! Now we use plutonium cells to run satellites!

Ah… touche.

While on the ground that might be good, in space it’s probably always going to be better to use solar for Satellites than it is to use nuclear. No atmosphere to ruin the quality of the pannels.

Randomly created events that happen after game start are a brilliant idea (and a satellite crash is definitely one of them). I think the devs said something about the difficulty of triggering these (over)map changes later on though?

This is a very good idea.

I hate to rain on anyone’s parades, but a satellite returning to Earth would most assuredly burn up in the atmosphere being as it’s pretty small and travelling at like Mach 15. See: the GOCE satellite that de-orbited recently.

I see your parading raining, and counter with ‘fantasy game’!!!

Seriously though, although I completely understand not wanting to go completely against the laws of physics or get too wacky (as I feel that is definitely when most games start breaking dowN) any number of situations could arise where it hits more intact and violently. Perhaps it has re-entry jets which stop working mid way through return? (it could have been automatically recalled, but without anyone to guide it in it all went horribly wrong).

You guys are complaining about realism in a game were you can weld vacutainers and power converters together into electric weapons of doom?

I am of the opinion that we should shove it in

Your argument is invalid, and if it WAS valid my response would be to strip out the unrealistic things instead of adding more.

Reentry, explosion, sure. Anything being intact? Completely unreasonable.

you could always still get parts. As for the radioactivity, while some are nuclear powered most are solar powered, the nuclear ones mostly being surveillance or for going out past mars.

But it’s a fictional future setting, therefore satellites made of unobtainium that won’t burn up on re-entry.

Simple solution: Severely damage everything that you include in the crash. If its damage is over n, destroy.

So, maybe, 30% of stuff survives, and very broken at that.