Suggestion for cdda about space (solved)

Alright i recoinsider my idea there new idea:just space junk and fallen rockets, and orbital satelites they would cointain scans of big spaces,fictional guns,dangerous weapons but would land in water or near water

Wow, that’s torture to read, no offense, but pressing return once in a little while would make it easier to read. Anyways having something like Space Launch Sites would be hard to code, and wouldn’t make much sense considering the factors:

  1. New England is very populated and having a launch site from even 50 miles away would make everyone in the city want to move out.
  2. When the space debris come out from orbit they will have to land somewhere east of New England, mostly in the ocean, but that would inhibit ships from traveling every day around in those waters. It could also land in the waters of Greenland, which would cause their government lots of pain to try and clean up the mess of the pod or shuttle, and most likely end up with our government having to dish up loads of money to pay back.
  3. Honestly when you have Florida, with tons of international open water to the east, why not just set up the launch pads there.
    Hmmm… Maybe it could have some lore to back it up, such as a giant push of the worlds (Mega?) corporations to privatize space launching for their own profits and desires… Would be a pain to code missile launches and such, and it is never a one man deal with something like nukes…
    Also if you have another suggestion for something like this, please post it in the tab “The Drawing Board”, otherwise just like this thread, it could easily just be taken down by a forum moderator for being OOC.
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First of all . . . GAH! Formatting!

Secondly, I was going to go through your post point by point but decided against it. I think that a lot of what you’ve suggested isn’t a great fit for the core game of Cataclysm. The astronauts, for instance. The reality is that there’s what, like 80 astronauts out of 7 billion people? It’s not all that plausible for a character to just happen to bump into a spacesuit wearing person in North Eastern America.

So, really, if you want to see these things in the game, your best bet is to make a mod yourself. It’s not that hard to add things like craters and space-junk, or to make an astronaut ‘monster’. I’d encourage you to look at and have at it.

Longest stroke case I’ve ever read.
The missile thingies already exist, tho the last ones I visited didn’t allow you to actually launch one, for some reason. And I agree with @TheMurderUnicorn on the space stuff.

In addition to your points about location, it is easier to launch rockets closer to the equator, and as such harder from the North (New England).

I’m not sure about domestic launch pads in the area that Cataclysm takes place in. There are nuclear missile silos. Considering the global tensions at the time they probably wouldn’t have built launch pads near their known nuclear missile installations. It would be dangerous and potentially cause a false positive Mutually Assured Destruction scenario between the US and China in the CDDA continuity.

That being said, the crashed space craft or Chinese space station module idea sounds neat. It would add a little fluff regarding what’s been going on in the rest of the world. The anomalous extra-dimensional phenomena probably extended into orbit and could have taken down a secret orbital listening post or weapons platform, something along those lines. They could have scans of the whole county area or even salvageable vehicle sized weapons like lasers or railguns.

I like this idea, giving resources that came from “outside of this world” :slight_smile:.

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Oh thanks imatry modding then