About in-game Missile Silo

so i’ve been thinking for some time now that there is abandoned Missile Silo scattered around the world with active missile in it ready to launch… but things that i am unable to answer is :

  1. the missile itself is active yet its not launched at all, what happen there?

  2. the missile type, is it ballistic missile or nuclear-warhead missile?

  3. is the missile also the one responsible for random crater players can found during exploration?

i wonder if there is going to be improvement for this missile silos…

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  1. I have no idea.

  2. Considering you can disarm it for a ton of plutonium and that it leaves radioactive gas where it strikes it is likely a nuclear missile.

  3. Quite likely, the big craters are confirmed to be made by nukes and the little ones were made by something else (mini-nukes?).

The best improvement to missile silos would be making the missile actually destroy monsters instead of just transform the ground into irradiated rubble. That way if you launch it at a fungal tower it would actually do something useful instead of making it harder to get rid of the tower. Or kill bandits for the old guard with them like this guy tried (and failed) to do:

  1. If you’ve ever read the Metro series, or even played Fallout 4 with the “Yangtze” Mission, then it’s obvious why they didn’t. Maybe because they didn’t want to add more destruction to a world full of genocide and scorched lands full of death. (Or it’s because the Cataclysm caused the turrets to turn on the soldiers inside, and the blob infecting the soldiers too.)
  2. Nuclear most likely, most likely experimental too.
    3.Yes, it is

There’s a missile silo in the game?! That’s crazy! One more thing to do on my CDDA bucket list.
I knew that the crater you find were from missiles, but never did I know until know that they actively exist in game, rather than just a bit of behind the scenes lore.

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Having never seen one is it from a mod or something? I’ve had to drive from hell to highwater on my late game character on top of hiking where roads didn’t even exist between distant places as quests take you damn far sometimes and never, ever, come across a silo. I don’t run any building mods atm.

It’s vanila, absolutely.

that’s RNG for ya.
May the fork be with you in endeavors to find nuclear missiles in the apocalypse.

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Try a Wilderness start and follow the roads. You’ll find them everywhere.

Most of my starts are wilderness. I mostly play the Experiment Scenario.

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good feedbacks and answer. thank you :+1:

i thought that the Missile wasn’t launched due to the operator (the person who control the launch) may have been bitten by the zombie so when the person tries to launch the rocket, the infection kicks in and turn him/her into zombies. leaving the rocket active but yet not launched.

for the missile type, if its a nuclear type missile, the crater seems too small for a nuclear missile but the severe radiation and damage leave behind is good (although somehow it didn’t damage living creatures like fungal bloom)

for random crater, some of the random crater player can found is somehow not too severe and located around road and some building, the size of the crater itself is small, meaning it must be some kind of ballistic tactical missile for something… (if its nuclear missile, the crater should be much bigger)

i don’t know if its rare or common, but 75% of my gameplay session is guaranteed to have missile silo near a city/ refugee camp.

The craters were caused by targeted strikes by an unknown party, either in the attempt to disable the 4th Axis resonance equipment in an underground lab or by a foreign country striking targets in the continental United States. The craters on the map aren’t consistent 5x5 squares like the silo’s missile creates, nor do they have radioactive gas around them, so they were probably caused by conventional munitions.

Could be, but then again the start of the game is always something to dispute about, but the evac’s start is about two weeks after the cataclysm, so it was more than enough time for the rad gas to dissipate. Plus theoretically speaking erosion of the soil could’ve easily filled up some of the craters too, especially since New England doesn’t have the best soil in the first place too…

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that’s the thing… what conventional munition can cause such damage? airstrike cannon like Gau-7 Avenger minigun? 20mm cannon strike from a aerial tactical plane? that could be something potential that can be added into game…

some of the evac has its underground infested with zombies, meaning something was happening in there… lots of lore potential there.

If you fire an extremely dense rod from an orbital weapons platform it can hit the ground with tremendous force. They wouldn’t have the destructive force of contemporary nuclear weapons but they’d penetrate the ground and destroy anything underneath, which is what I assume their purpose and intent would be. Nothing busts a bunker like a dozen tungsten poles. Practically undetectable too.

ohh… “Orbital Rail Strike” eh? now that makes sense… because i’ve once watch some experimental railgun on youtube and it makes sense…

now this brings up some conspiracy lore to the game now…


Yeah, you always have to remember that (even with the lack of super-guns) this game takes place in 20XX, it’s very important for the context of things.

i always see this game’s timeline set in 2025 (funny because the first game to make me think like that was COD BO2 ) where firearms, technology and armaments were truly advanced before the cataclysm. UPS, futuristic armaments, robots and tank drone…

that’s why my first mod was about rare weapons made with such ridiculous capability.

I remember knowing absolutely nothing about the story. and making my own story to compromise.

which is why the game is really good, make your own story and the plot, lore and moments is all on your hand…

you can set the game freely too, wanna live in future? or present? even past? possible.

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