Suggestion General

Some way for melee chars to just shuck a pack. Maybe add an examine toggle to a backpack to make it work like a nethack container so you can just dump your crap in 2-3 keys instead of an agonizing 30+ every fight. Enable the select all key to worth when dropping too? Maybe all but worn/equipped? Add category select alls like how + selects books in nethack/dcsss, ? is scrolls, etc.

Add the min strength to longbow/compound bows so you know if you can use them after being poisoned.

make it so you can pick up items that’ll stack when “you have too many items” You just drop a wood spear and pick it up then grab the spear anyway. Like how when your inventory is full in dcss, you have 5 scrolls of recharge, and if you go to pick up another you can just do that instead of having to drop a junk item, pick up the scroll, then pick up the junk item.

Can we get a bleeding satus icon below the normal/burst fire indicator? The combat message is nice but I sometimes miss it if a zombie got in a lucky shot while clearing out hordes.

Can we get an options toggle for temp? it’s pretty cool and I love playing with it but its harshing on my naked barbarian wanderer pretty bad.

Can you guys add a help page for encumberment calcs and a page for your new temperature system? specifically that each item after the first adds encumberment even if zero and reference points for warmth so you know how good 20 warmth in other than "well it’s better than 15.

Can we get some brine springs too? And maybe drying racks like dem natives makin slamon jerky? I need muh dried meat bro. I’m having to eat into my soup material stash cause I can’t find a pot and brutes/hulks are spawning now making every trip to town suffering.

Add a prefix for fitted/perfect fitting clothing?

Morgue files with stats, muts, skills, etc. Inventory, recent message log when dead, local view at death, Loc on worldmap, etc. I’d like to have more memories of good failed runs than a death screencap at the “hit spacebar” screen.

Can we get craftable railgun/coilgun slugs out of scrap/chunks/lumps whatever you feel is more balanced? It’ll probably need to be the “wood crosbow bolt” in comparison but it’ll make it them somewhat usable weapons since you’ll actually have ammo.

Can we craft nails from scrap metal?

Can we get craftable seats for vehicles? We can make almost everything else finally.

Can we get chitinous boots and gloves too? We have head, arm, torso, and leg but we’re missing feet and hands for some reason. Bug warrior needs his prot yo.

Now that we have farms and hoes can we get seeds to get crops going? Add a recipe to make red sauce, wheat, and flour too? Don’t always have a handy groc store & megamart/farm to muh soup fix.

Also, can we get a way to cut pipes down into chunks of steel with a welder? Kind of annoying that I can disassemble display shelves/fridges into pipes but if I want chunks I gotta smash it all and fight off the town at the same time.

Found my other note finally, Can we get craftable metal tanks?

Cheat up an internal temperature control CBM.

Cheat up an internal temperature control CBM.[/quote]
That works too I guess.

Would it be possible to get craftable underslung shotguns and railfires xbows too? If we can built land mines I think we can hoborig them with the in-universe equivalent of plumbers tape made out of scrap metal.

Could we get craftable slings with decent throwing/tailoring and a carvable spear thrower? I’d like to see throwing be more viable as a solid combat option on the higher end of things with steel spears with a quality spearchucker be able to compete with a longbow for brute removal. As things are throwing is a nice junker skill for early survivability vs wolves etc but post-gun in left to just bee hunting or using hard-won stacks of bee/wasp stingers.

what are the devs position on allowing spikes to be used to craft steel spears, arrows, and crossbow bolts?

/rlg/ just brought up an oldie too. Can we get an interface to rebind bionics keys? It rarely comes up but you can get more bionics than you have keys to activate them leading to stuff like a sonic resonator being useless because you can’t select it.

Another good one from /rlg/. “You shouldn’t be able to find fitted gear at all. Tailoring skill is basically useless at low levels; requiring you learn it to get fitted clothing would make it useful.”

With more equipment variation being added can we get the mods to have a prefix/suffix or allow for inscribing an item? Hard to remember where I left my fitted t-shit and tedious to check every piece of clothing for it like i’m looking for a specific stat set in pokemon

can we get sewing kits to be able to repair leather if you have patches/pelts?

Gimme my AtlAtl! Increases throwing somewhat!

Just some suggestions that i would like to see in future releases:

I do not really think killing squirrels by throwing any random junk you have in your possession is a very realistic way to hunt squirrels, or rabbits for that matter. My Char with 0 throwing skill seems to hit nearly always at that squirrel from 2-3 spaces away, killing it instantly. I have even seen the text: you barely miss! but still my trusty hammer of squirrel slaying seems to damage them for enough that they die. I would assume it would need circus level knife throwing skill to score a hit to a moving squirrel.

Other thing i would like to see just to make the game a little more harder is that using bandages would not instantly heal you, they would heal you over time. and possibly only being able to bandage a part of body once until the healing is done, and only after the healing is done by that bandage, you would be able to apply another. Healing chems and first aid could be the only way to instaheal, making them more valuable. Also i would like bandages and first aid to have volume and weight so you could not stack them so much.

Thanks for the great game, I have been enjoying it a lot :slight_smile:

I’d like to see an archery book now that we have a surv one. The only way to raise it is to:

  1. disarm/drag a mob over an xbow trap and train up
  2. Read, find a hose, craft an xbow, find bolts and train up
  3. find a longbow+arrows to last long enough
  4. NPC training
  5. Take the incredibly suboptimal choice of learning it on char gen
    It’s pretty RNG Based imo.

Could we also get a recipe to repair broken consoles?

It’s not really that hard to hit it from 3 4 feet away and squirrels are incredibly weak.