First Impressions: What I missed

I’ve been playing the game for the past few days and it’s really been a unique experience for me. I’m not very familiar with these kinds of games and found everything a bit overwhelming at first. The in-game help files (0 and ?) were really useful, but naturally there’s an issue with actually taking in all that information, or finding what’s needed, or occasionally undocumented or unclear things. This post is to document the difficulties and frustrations I’ve encountered as someone with a “fresh take” on the game, alongside suggested improvements.

I apologise in advance if the game already does some of these things- it’s not always obvious (and of course, I miss things).

Edit: To clarify I played using the experimental build, not stable.

Combining containers:
I found myself wishing for some way in which to combine the storage units in my vehicle and base so they either all act as one container for crafting/swapping items, or have a fixed access point to interact with. This would really streamline inventory management and make it less tedious to handle larger volumes of liquid (e.g moving moving liquids between a group of tanks rather than each individual tank). I did discover that crafting benches can be used/pull from a 5~ tile radius, but this doesn’t seem changeable or documented anywhere.

Advanced Inventory:
A little embarrassing to admit, but it took quite a while and some internet searches before I realised the advanced inventory to directly move items from one container to another. Might be a useful thing to mention in the inventory section of the help menu

Searchable help:
Idk how easy or feasible it would be, but some way to search for key words or functions might make the help system a little less daunting.

Hoods V Helmets:

I felt a little cheated after blowing my first kevlar on a survivor hood and learning that despite being an (outer) layer garment, it couldn’t be worn with the (normal) layer hard hat, chitin helmet, etc. Adding something in the item descriptions or making them all the same layer would be more intuitive, as it seems a result of some hidden tag rather than the item class itself.

Repairing Vehicles:

Vehicle repairs seem needlessly tedious atm, with having to hold down R and watching the interface flash up and down. A mass repair/repair all function would be very handy. Something like: press R -> filterable list of damaged components comes up -> select individually or by category (e.g levels of damage/resource requirement on repair, or part type, or all, similar to current inventory) - > watch character repair everything in that order and interrupt like normal, if need be.

Warning Prompts:

Super annoying when my character is sneakily performing an action (eating, picking up, butchering, etc.) and some random zombies are milling about in the periphery. Even if the [I]gnore prompt is selected, each new item pickup seems to trigger it again (or new enemy, or both. I forget). The best solution I’ve come up with is holding down N or I, but then I can’t tell if a zombie actually spots me and starts beating my face in (enemy positions don’t always seem to update onscreen between these prompts).

Suggestion: Make [I]gnore stop the warning prompts until an enemy spots the player, or add an option so that only the “coming towards you” type warnings are displayed.


It’s somewhat confusing that durability isn’t part of item description and is only shown in the installation menu. Possibly not such a big deal, except Hard and Steel plating both show the same durability value and I have no idea it’s a mistake, or there are hidden soak/coverage stat differences, or if the displayed stat is incorrect.

Examine Vehicle:

A very daunting screen at first glance. I’ve grown used to it, but still have difficulty telling what the symbols mean and where the cursor is. The ability to click select and a searchable list of components would be a lot more user friendly, without having to change the UI.

Vehicle Construction:

It’d make sense if players could “blueprint” modifications to a vehicle before making them, basically a to-do list for the character. This would in turn allow for more convenient construction tools, such as:
copy/pasting tiles,
undo button,
“component brush” - select component once, then select the squares in which you want that component, rather than selecting the component anew each square,
removing an object= automatically schedules removal of all its dependents, rather than requiring each one be done in order (e.g remove frame = all parts and connected frames are removed),
search for and remove/replace specific parts (e.g: search for steel plating, remove all steel plating/replace with hard plating)

Sticky Items:

There is no obvious way of tagging items to be exempt from category selection, transfer all, etc. and with all the inventory juggling going on, I’ve spent a significant portion of my game time sifting loot from my survival gear.

Edit- some things I forgot to mention:

Can’t mass eat food/Can’t mass drink water:
More a minor inconvenience in normal play, but when doing any turn intensive task like welding or crafting, can quickly run into 100+ key strokes over the course of a couple minutes. A less RSI way of eating would be nice?

Crafting screen closes and resets every time:
Do what other screens do and open again at same place/search settings. Would help with making similar things like weapon mods or food, with no real downside?

Hopefully these first impressions will be of some use to the community- I’m aware that actually implementing these suggestions would take a lot of work. Think of them as feedback as much as anything else.

Thanks for reading.

I’m a new player, change the game to suit my tastes :baby:


Oh dear god the tedium of vehicle repairs. Even worse because marking a fuel spot doesn’t automatically refill an internal burner so I constantly stop to manually eat some wood stuff, then find things to repair, over and over and over and over and over. Maximum Ugh factor there.

This helmet wonkyness must be new, I don’t think I’ve run into it back not too long ago but I’ve been having trouble with it too. The stuff you can and can’t combine on the head is confusing. At least I can wear a turban and a hood, but not being able to wear my noise cancelling headgear with my army helmet makes playing a broken cyborg even more tedious then it already is.

Merged Cargo in vehicles would be a plus and a minus. I like to be able to organize my ammo, magazines, and guns into one cargo, all the rest I wouldn’t mind just being able to toss together though, you can end up collecting a LOT of junk over time. Would help me find stuff and stash stuff much more easily.

OMFG the notification spam I totally hate soooo much. I had to flip through 50-60 of those once while trying to transfer items, all of them completely irrelevant notifications like hearing a poof for the thousandth time. Flipping through that for 6 consecutive containers was torture. it’s especially bad when dragging or adv inventory scooping stuff because you have to hit ignore for every single item individually. Or in say forests where every time something goes behind a tree I have to ignore it ever step I take without fail.

Overall I agree with most of it. Once I get this JSON thing figured out I might try fixing some of it but don’t hold your breath on it being soon though, got lots to learn.

If I recall, head encumbrance is meant to prevent wearing multiple head items. So once you reach a threshold, you can’t wear any more items there. Same applies for the eyes and the feet, I believe.

It’s a simple way of preventing people from wearing more than one pair of shoes, for instance.

Hoods that are attached to other items (like a coat) can only be worn when your head encumbrance is low or non-existent, I believe. For the Survivor Hood, which is its own item, it would still be a slave to the head encumbrance system because the game doesn’t differentiate a hood from a helmet, it only looks at the encumbrance values attached to them.

This is all just off the top of my head, it’s possible something has changed and I am wrong.

survivor hoods counts as helmet due to resists

though head armor is still cheesable as any armor

I did some tests and unless I don’t understand the encumbrance system, that doesn’t seem the limiting factor. I tried various bits of gear and even with the “light survivor hood” I couldn’t wear anything other than a few hats, despite having a lower total “encumbrance” value. Heck, I think there are are 40 encumbrance head items and I definitely had less than that.

it prevents you putting stuff above 70 meaning that you will not make poor man armor with 20 head rags

The survivor hoods are considered helmets and won’t stack with another helmet. it’s not an encumburance issue. Its silly I should be able to wear Kevlar reinforced Hood over an army helmet or whatever

Thanks a ton for the feedback! I’m trying to shovel a release out the door right now, but I’m bookmarking this to go through it with a fine-toothed comb later and see what I can do about issues you encountered.

Some quick highlights though:
Help menu sucks, it does. We have some ideas for adding an achievement-based tutorial system to try and surface a lot of features of the game that aren’t obvious in a more straightforward way.

When crafting, you can pull from any nearby tools and crafting materials you’re aware of, I’m not clear why you want to, “combine storage units”, since it doesn’t matter where your tools and materials start from in the first place.
I’m also not clear why you need to move around huge volumes of liquids, you need to run around to different tanks when fuelling your vehicle, but that’s pretty occasional.

I agree advanced inventory should be mentioned in any kind of tutorial we add, along with a number of other near-magical interfaces that you have to now about to use.

Sticky items is an interesting concept, it would take a bit of doing to integrate it with everything, but it seems both intuitive and like it’s solving a real issue.


This is actually very good feedback. I wish more people were so constructive. I absolutely think sticky items would be great since then I could tag the emergency stuff I always want on my person but can still dump all the loot into my trunk.



Bit of a late reply, but I’ve had some time to play again so I thought I’d get some experience with vehicle crafting and clarify what lead me to thinking “combined storage” would be useful.
Initially, I was using an abandoned RV as my base- its controls were broken (took me a while to figure out why ^ to control vehicle did nothing) but a safe bed and built in hotplate were enough. Initially I was only crafting manually, so a storage solution like this: Untitled ended up happening, allowing me to access as many high capacity tiles as possible while making it relatively easy to deposit loot from a raiding vehicle. This just so happened to make all the default vehicle trunks out of reach, so it took a while to discover that items didn’t have to be in adjacent squares for vehicular crafting.

In that particular instance, it would’ve been very convenient to have all the vehicle’s storage containers linked up, for transferring loot/joint crafting with containers outside the vehicle, but in most cases I think it’d significantly improve gameplay to have some method of quickly transferring miscellaneous items, seeing as it can be balanced in-game by requiring special vehicle parts, or through the turns/time mechanic. Liquid containers I agree are less frequently accessed- though with a lot of containers, or keeping different fluids (tea, water, wine, gasoline, for instance) one does start to see some use in organising and grouping tanks.

Basically I’m trying to look at some of the fun draws the game has- for me the survival, vehicle building and open ended nature of the game, then noting places where dealing with the game interface was taking time away from those things.

I’ve got a few more observations I missed in the first post- I’ll edit them in the main post so they’re easier to see when you’ve got time to read it.

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