Fertilized/Unfertilized egg

A bit of a short topic but holy crap! Couple days into summer and every single house is filled with BIRDS. What can to my mind was random spawns but I later realize that it was just the game’s crude way to handle hatching. Encountering these sorta stuff simply unnerve me and I’m sure other players had thought the same

It think there’s simply need to be an extra variation type for each eggs to differentiate what is fertilized and unfertilized much like actual supermarket-bought eggs. Fertilized eggs should only be findable in the wilds or in poultry farms (if such things exists).

Unrelatedly… i’m asking a bit of advice to this forum if it is a good time to bring up ideas and commit request regarding animal husbandries to github. I’m rather new and doesn’t really follow the development very much but I’m pretty savvy when it comes to patchwork modding.
I heard a new version is coming up very soon and I don’t want to come out as intrusive to the github front of the community.

Currently the game is in Feature Freeze so if you want to add some new monsters it would be okay. If you want to add/remake a mechanic then you will have to wait till 0.F (you can still work on it but it won’t be added until next release).
Also, it seems to me 0.F isn’t coming “very soon”. There are almost 50 blocker issues still unsolved.

Given that experimental releases presumably will be produced after 0.F, I would assume that a suitable feature that didn’t make it into 0.F stable could make it into 0.F Experimental shortly after the stable was released, assuming the core team has approved of and processed the submission.

Thus, I find the critical question to be whether the core team would approve firstly of the suggestion, and secondly of the implementation. I have no idea of how to get any indication of either, except if someone from the team would happen to comment on the suggestion and thus give you one core team member’s opinion.

Personally I find it to be a good idea, but I can see a few obstacles (to be dealt with, probably not road blockers).

  • Currently animals are all “female” and are impregnated via ambient spores (or something). This can either be dealt with by introducing two genders and require virtual proximity (given the reality bubble) for fertilization to be possible, or just use a probability, which would retain the current situation, but with fewer hatches (which would still be an improvement).
  • Eggs are hatched through the rotting mechanism, which is decidedly odd. However, it’s probably more work to introduce a separate process. Whether birds happen to “sit” in the tile their eggs are is rather random (unless you tie them down).
  • During winter eggs freeze and get mushy. On the one hand, that ought to be lethal to fertilized eggs, but on the other hand the game doesn’t provide any support for preventing it. You can stuff your birds into a basement, but there’s no realistic support for heated environments (vehicle heaters COULD presumably be used). One way to deal with mushiness is of course to just ignore that minor detail.

Unless you’re going to eat them raw, mushiness of eggs is a non-issue. Food crafted from them is indistinguishable from food made from regular eggs.

For food yes, but for hatching, which was the issue at hand, having been frozen is an issue.

Unfertilized bird eggs have been added in experimental. See this PR. These eggs spawn in homes,and businesses and don’t hatch. Eggs laid in the wild still hatch.

Having found a chicken egg ingame I’m still not sure why unfertilized bird eggs are used in fridges.

Because that’s how things work in the (industrialized) world currently. Eggs are scanned and any fertilized or damaged ones are removed before the remainder are packaged and sent off for sale.

You misunderstand. There are chicken eggs ingame. Why are fridge eggs still called unfertilized bird eggs.

The technical reason is probably that nobody has changed it. If you find eggs in the wild (0.E2 stable) they’re often just “bird eggs”, while the eggs produced by birds you can see typically are labelled with their species. In 0.E2 stable towns, basements, etc. are overrun by birds of various species, presumably resulting from the hatching of “bird eggs”, so I’d guess the introduction of unfertilized eggs just made the factory eggs unfertilized, but didn’t change them to to specialized (chicken) eggs.

I read this and my first thought is “are there recipes for ‘hot wings’?”

Why are any eggs called “unfertilized eggs?” You can’t tell by looking at an egg if it’s been fertilized or not.

True enough lol the whole naming of eggs in game has always been jarring for me everytime I go through a fridge and find some. I don’t think anyone looks at a carton of eggs (usually without a carton for some reason in cdda) and thinks “ah yes, they had some lovely unfertilized bird eggs in here.”