Foraging and food additions

1). A bonus to morale after satisfying serious hunger/thirst,. Mainly used to counteract the negative morale bonus bestowed by eating bad food (a cannibalism caused by extreme hunger, a popular situation in survival genre).
2). If it’s not already so, bring perception stat into foraging calculations.
3). Increase time needed to forage. Could work similarly to reading: skip time till bush is used up or action canceled.
4). More places to forage for food:

  • Random mounds of dirt scattered around wilds. Needs a digging tool.
  • “Climb” into trees. Needs a strength and dexterity checks.
  • Shallow waters of river banks and foliage found there.
  • Wild normal bee and wasp hives. Larvae (see 5).) for both and honey combs for beehives.
    5). Food which one could find there:
  • Eggs - Those belonging to wild birds, reptiles and snakes. No more scrambled eggs with egg powder.
  • Creepy crawlies - Small ones like insects, worms, larvae, slugs and snails; and bigger ones like rodents, (star - nosed) moles, frogs and lizards. They have negative enjoyability and are quite small, meaning morality penalty can quickly add up. Ignore this if one has gourmand trait.
    ** Foraging for small insects should be time consuming.
    ** Bonus points for specific recipes from around the world which use them, in vein of “Cucina Italiana” skill book.
    *(Currently pointlessly) separate wild veggies into edible roots/tubers/bulbs, stems and leaves.
  • Poisonous versions of wild veggies and insects. Their rate of appearance then foraging is dictated by survival skill.

Good ideas, maybe except for separating veggies.

And obfusticate which ones are landmines? Yeeeeeeeeesssssss… this will do quite nicely. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA. :smiley:

That said there are some pretty nice ideas here.

Nice ideas, but there seems to be more than enough food as is. Certainly, if food were actually scarce enough to force you to do weird things to scavenge (ie: eating insects), that would help add more ‘survival’ feel to the game. As is, it feels like there’s little pressure to explore, since (once you’ve gotten your initial supplies together), hunting the omnipresent squirrels and boiling rainwater is enough to keep you supplied basically forever, with possibly the occasional run to a proper water source once a season or so.

That’s nowhere near enough pressure. Aside from the very earlygame, I almost never find myself in a position where I need to urgently raid a zombie-infested town for supplies. As such, I’d be in favor of some combination of this with a decrease in standard wildlife spawn; that way, you’d need to do more than just hunt in order to keep yourself fed, and weird survivalist scavenging tricks would actually be worthwhile.