Suggestion : Fitness

So, something that bothered me a bit since the implementation of stamina was that everyone gets the same pool, excepting some mutations and bionics which increase / decrease said amount respectively.

I would suggest a stat akin to health called ‘Conditioning’ or ‘Fitness’, built up and maintained by physical activity. (Swimming, sprinting, fighting, biking, etc). Which would have a noticeable impact on stamina burn and recovery if a high enough level is maintained. (Perhaps even movespeed)

The inverse would hold true as well. With a months-long spell of sedentary base-building or car repair seeing survivors lose a bit of their edge.

Ideally however, it would be slow to build and slow to degrade sort of stat. Usain Bolt could probably have a bad week or two and still be one of the fastest men alive.


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Great minds think alike it seems. Disregard my suggestion, it seems as though I-am-Erk has this figured out already.