[Nightly] Stamina

Anyone knows how the stamina system works and what it affects?

  1. How many attacks you can do or how long you can run without tiring?
  2. Is there a way to increase the stamina aside from the indefatigable trait?
  3. How long does it takes to recover?

The following are just my guesses - I could be very wrong about them, but that’s what I…think I figured out while playing with it:

  1. Attacks seem to be connected to the weapon you’re wielding. I guess the Volume and/or the Weight of your Weapon is important for that ; At least it felt like that, because a few of my characters can only swing a sledgehammer a couple of times before having no stamina left, while swords or knives don’t seem to have much impact on the stamina. As for running, no clue how that’s exactly used, never really looked at it.
    I do remember that one of my characters could run ~40(?) tiles before the stamina gauge was pretty low, but that probably is different for each character, because of 2. :3

  2. I think its somehow linked to strength? Maybe it increases/decreases like Health does, but I’m really not sure about that. It does feel like my strong characters can run longer though?

  3. Not long ; I think it only took a couple of ‘rounds’ doing nothing at all, i guess that could accumulate to ~10 minutes waiting? Obviously more if you walk around or do other stuff.

So, those are my observations, as stated before, all of them >could< be wrong, but that’s how i felt it worked. If does know for a fact how it works, I’d love to hear it as well :slight_smile:

I think weapon skill and weapon weight play a part in how fast stamina depletes, using a sledge tires you in 15 or 16 swings(str 8) with no bashing or melee skill. It improves slightly at 10 bashing and 10 melee with 17 swings before being out of stamina. For a combat knife the weapon skill has a greater effect on stamina loss but you will still get in more than 40 swings with no skill before tiring. With a base STR of 20 you get 50 swings with a sledge before tiring (no skill).

Using stimulants like adrenaline or meth will increase regeneration making the stamina pool appear larger but indefatigable is currently the only way to increase it.

Mouth encumbrance affects how fast you regenerate stamina. Running with a gas mask equipped will tire you quickly.
Close to 10 minutes of waiting with no mouth encumbrance.

He, i was right for the most part! Man, I’m good.

On another note, if they plan to work more with fatigue, why not add a new attribute, Constitution? This could govern the Fatigue, to some part health and it could come in handy in long term projects - do you have the constitution to actually keep dragging those logs for the wall over there? or do you have to pause in between? - that could make building faster or slower.
It could also help with pain. Someone with good constitution might be able to ignore pain for longer?

I read somewhere that a stat rework is planned but not currently in motion right now.

Pretty accurate Sehn.
And yes we’re planning to add endurance as a stat, but it’s just not at the top of the pile since it requires reworking a bunch of the chargen and in-game player menus.

Only Endurance/Constitution? Or will this stat-rework be a bit more like the S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stat System of the Fallout Series for example? We’re technically only missing 3 Attributes from there anyways, which would be Endurance, Charisma and Luck (I believe we can agree on that CDDA Dexterity = Fallout Agility). I guess Charisma is already covered with several mutations (pretty, very pretty and all the other mutations which impact npcs) as well as the speaking & bartering skills, but it would still be…nice to have a rough estimate for ‘charisma’ - like, a number between 1 and 100, with 100 being the ‘best’, so you can see if people will start running away from you on sight or if there is a chance that they’ll talk with you.

Luck on the other hand…well, Luck is always a…weird thing in these games. Luck plays a role in pretty much >everything<, and a high luck Stat would give the player obviously a slightly better chance at survival? It could be some kind of ‘jack of all trades’ attribute, which improves everything a bit, but you can’t dump all your points in it because it’s effect isn’t high enough. It would also work with item drops I guess, it’s not really necessary though…unless we can play in the Arcades, or maybe with other Survivors? :stuck_out_tongue: Wanna play some Poker? I get your fancy mininuke if I win. . . . He, wait, why is that light on the Mininuke blinki…

I don’t think there’s sufficient need for a charisma stat, and I’m generally against luck stats in concept, and I’m even more against them since they’d be so ridiculously invasive in the code.

Is there any way to tweak in the game files the, for example, indefatigable trait to give me +XXXXX% stamina? I find it quite limiting.

Not without cracking open the code and comping your own copy. Moving some more of the mutation stuff out to the JSONs is one of the higher thing on my list.

Something I have noticed is that smashing corpses takes up a lot of stamina, to the point it’s better to simply butcher corpses mid fight.

This silliness has been fixed as well - butchering now takes three times as long as it did before.

Save the smashing/butchering for after the battle has been won.

Heh, well the change was long due anyhow.

Think it would be possible to quickly cut chunks of game in the field to then finish the butchering job once we reach home?
Some sort of action between a proper butcher and a smash.

I think this is what real hunters tend to do, but I’m not really sure.

[quote=“John Candlebury, post:13, topic:9762”]Think it would be possible to quickly cut chunks of game in the field to then finish the butchering job once we reach home?
Some sort of action between a proper butcher and a smash.[/quote]

I’m sure it would be possible to code, it just needs somebody to do so.

I always bring the whole critter home ASAP and clean it here. It’s far easier to do when I have access to a good work surface and all the proper tools, plus it allows me to get the meat cooled off immediately.

It’s called “field dressing”, you quickly cut out bits you won’t be using such as entrails, lightening the corpse for transport. Yea I keep meaning to add this.

Or you drag the whole sucker out with a four wheeler if you’re a lazy redneck like me.

Yeah, I’m thinking that we could have it so that you could do a preliminary butchering pass on a corpse and it would modify it with a prefix like ‘field dressed foo corpse’ while dropping the weight by some percentage. The corollary to this idea is that it would have to account for stuff like the fact that the stomach (and any future innards we might add one day) would become separated from the corpse at the time of field dressing.

This silliness has been fixed as well - butchering now takes three times as long as it did before.

Save the smashing/butchering for after the battle has been won.[/quote]

Simple Solution, grab any loot, and light the rest on fire. burn it all. No stamina cost lost.

Fire is always the best solution to life’s problems.