[Suggestion] Drinking straight from the pot

When making a liquid, I’d like the option to be able to drink it straight out of the pot. Why should you have to pour soup into a bottle or gasoline into a waterskin to be able to drink it? I don’t mean turning the pots into containers, just a yes/no option of whether or not to just drink it instead of pouring it in a container.

There could be the penalty of the chance of burning your lips because you’re rubbing them all over the frying pan when trying to slurp it up.

I think it’s a good idea, along the same realm as being prompted with the option to drink water from ‘your hands’ when filling a container from a source.

“You burn your lips on the hot pot of water”

Oof. That level of detail for the sake of screwing with players is something I’d expect in Nethack. What next?

“The scathing liquid damages your plastic bottle!”
“The plastic bottle is destroyed!”
“Clean water spills all over the ground.”

EDIT: I mean, if we really need to, just add an extra minute to consume the contents, to represent cooling down the pot and liquid to a safe temperature.

I had this brilliant idea ~~~ if you cook 0.25 lit at a time, it’s perfectly possible to store that liquid in your shoe. You can stick a knife in your boot if it’s on you already, so it’s not hard to imagine it being a container for water if it’s not on your foot. Moreso, my leather hiking boot can store more than a half-litre for sure, so instead of having a waterskin you just tie the shoelaces around your neck and carry that liquid around. If you had a straw you could sip soup while trampling zombies with your flatbed; wipe the things inside-out with your towel when you’re done, put them on and exit the vehicle.

That’s fantastic. Bravo.

“Huh? Oh, that’s my soup boot.”

Honestly I’d rather just see it result in a pot of water. Let the pot hold 2 full bottles worth of water and let the player empty it into another container or drink from it.

You’d just need to change the recipe to allow for:

Water + Heat + Pot OR Pot 1/4 OR Pot 2/4 OR Pot 3/4 OR Pot 4/4

So you could use the same recipe four times using the same pot and get a full pot of water. Just may need to be some way to dissuade the player from using the pot as a container for water while moving around. Perhaps make the volume increase quite a bit more with each portion of water it holds, to represent the difficulty of carting around a pot of water without spilling it.

The current system doesn’t seem to allow for emptying liquids in a container that can’t be sealed, like tin cans or aluminum cans. On a related note I’ve always wondered about that, if that’s not an option why are they even showing up in that menu?

That’s just a control mechanism to prevent people from wandering around with nonsensical water vessels. Kinda hard to fight zombies without spilling stuff. Which is why I said some way to prevent people from walking around with the pot of water.

One option would be to have the recipe remove the pot from your inventory and put it on the ground. If you interact with it, it would ask you if you would like to empty the pot of water. You could then select a container for it, drink with your hands, or choose to empty it into the ground. But you would not be able to pick the pot up until it was empty.

It seems like it would just make the actual process of boiling water more tedious, considering how limited the occasions when you have a pot but no water containers are.

I would literally kill [size=4pt]HUNDREDS OF ZOMBIES[/size] for re-craft to attempt to select the same containers and tools as the last time. So, if I say, “boil water, use hotplate, put it in y - steel jerrycan” it will do that until it can’t for whatever reason.

Off topic, but once I found some lightly damaged water (4).

There is an option for that :slight_smile: look in your help menu and the find all commands list, find the craft until possible entry and assign a key to it

You still have to press the button for the jerrycan a hundred times or so, and if all your containers get used up, you’re stuck dumping clean water on the ground over and over again until the fire burns out.

Guys, my proposed solution which I may implement:

ALLOW unsealed containers to store liquids.
BUT if the unsealed container is put in your backpack, spill the contents.

Hence the player can only wield containers with liquids that are unsealed.

You can't put that %s in your backpack without spilling it! Drop your %s and wield it instead?

Then we make the pot return a pot of water.

I like this

and lightly damaged water