Suggestion: Digging Wells in Winter

I suggest only allowing wells to be dug in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Living in the NorthEast I can tell you than digging a hole, especially a well, during the winter would be very hard to do.

I don t think it matters much when digging through rock.

Since we are working with a shovel here it is more a problem of digging down below the frost line. That averages around 44" in my part of the NorthEast during the winter. The moisture in those 3+ feet of soil makes it basically ice.

I thought digging a well requires a mining tool like a pike? I ll look that up.

*edit: I looked it up an apparently we only need a shovel. If we want to change this though i would suggest that we either include a mining tool as always needed or at least in the winter time. And if so make it take a bit longer to dig a well when working in temps below 0°.

You meant a pick, not a pike before, friend.
It would be much more difficult to dig a well in winter. I think, however, that it crosses the lines on realism vs worth taking the time to code. We don’t have snow in game yet and snow during winter would be a very easy source of water (as long as you have a fire, of course). So from a balance standpoint it’s not exactly game breaking considering the requirements… Also, it’s not like it stops you, it just takes a lot more effort.

I am not against simulating things that do not add anything but increased immersion. Anything to make the game feel more “real”.

Though i am with Miloch here. I won t suggest something like this before other code work. There are more important things.

Maybe later or if someone volunteers.

And thanks for the correction Miloch.