Winter activities: melting snow for water, snow taffy, building snowmen, throwing snowballs

It can get pretty tough sometimes to carry safe water considering how quickly it freezes. It would be nice to be able to simply melt snow instead of having to always stay nearby a water source or risk dying of thirst since its inconvenient to have to always haul fire starting tools.
For fun you could gather snow for other uses such as making snow taffy like they do in Canada by adding maple syrup to snow, rolling it into snowballs for harmless snow fights or training throwing ability, or for building snowmen for decoration and a slight morale boost.

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There is no snow or ice in the game.

Yeah, snow would have to be added before any of this would be possible.

I’m new to the game so I haven’t experienced winter yet, though I do like the ideas you’re suggesting. It’d be cool if you can have christmas lights somehow, however that’d probably attract more attention if its not hidden inside a base. xD

there are snow tiles though. it’d work the same as corpse pits.

I tried to do a snowfall PR - but … it was tricky…
The mechanism to make snow fall in bits and pieces realistically was a bit hacky, it was one of my early contributions, so the code was even more awful than it is now, and the tricks to get it working with tilesets were beyond me.

For example, when it turns winter, in deadpeopletileset, every tile immediately switches to a winter variant, making a system where it only switched to a winter variant when it detected snow on that tile, was full of problems.

However if someone wants to look through the abandoned PR and try and salvage something from it, be my guest - it had a mechanic to pick up snow as an item from the floor, and make snowballs etc.

Perhaps it would be easier if you requested some snow covered tiles from somedeadguy for testing. It’s tricky to work on something when not having the final effect at hand. When I worked on sfx hooks I’d made myself a sound pack was impossible to know if the development went on track without a good way to test it.

My TODO long term goal in this department is adding an indicator in weather system that would tell the game and tile manager that bodies or water are frozen. Separately for shallow and deep, maybe including with moving/stale check. There would be need to add ice item and it’s mechanics somewhere along the way.