Sudden deafness from unknown source

Sorry to bump this thread, but was wondering if it’s related. I have experienced something similar in my game (Just updated today 1-13-2019)

Thinking it may have been underground I started a new world, no specials, no monsters, and it happened in the evac shelter. I get the message ‘hearing footsteps’ and it will make me seemingly go deaf at random and deal minimum pain. This was a brand new start. I went underground and nothing was there.

I debug/killed every monster and it continued. The only consistent thing I have seen so far is that I have my starting NPC there. Even though he was not moving. I realized that in my old game that was upgraded I was walking to the faction camp, where THAT characters starting NPC buddy was when it occurred there as well.

Could it be centered on the NPC’s? Am I the only one seeing (hearing) this?

I find it’s z-level related with tunneling underground creatures somehow making huge amounts of noise to people a level above, stone being tunneled through by creatures really needs to be less loud, like I get it, it’s probably loud, but one tile worth of falling surely can’t be deafeningly loud?

It is confusing especially when the description is ‘footsteps’ and, at least in the basement of the Evac Center there were no creatures. And it makes me wonder how loud you have to stomp to make someone go deaf especially if you can’t see whatever it is that is doing The Stomping.

If it’s a current game and you’re getting reports of footsteps, then you’re hearing footsteps. You might want to debug view the map and see if there’s something loud nearby, like a bunch of soldier ants or something.

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Will do. Didnt see anything on overmap but hell since anything is possible here, will try and make sure. Thanx.

Don’t be sorry, just make a new thread. If it’s maybe related, just add a link to the old thread.

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OK, tried the sound debug, got the error message that the binary was not compiled with tile support. I will download the tiles version and give it another go.

That is what that meant, correct? Since I don’t use tiles.

OK. Loaded, transferred, started up, all systems nominal. Beginning debug menu:

On that same saved game, I went ahead and revealed map, debugged sound and found the exact tile it was coming from. It was always described as footsteps, and when my hearing returned the highest sound level in game terms noted was 4. While I actually did find the edge of an ant colony 2 tiles to the west, there was nothing above (to +10 levels) or below (to -8 levels) the actual tile producing the sound except for 3 NPC’s that were on guard. (Which they never responded to the sound with “what was that”, etc.) The offending tile was a field tile btw. At -8 below, was hellsmouth (gotta go digging, this is a new one on me :wink: )

The thing is, that this is the location of my farm homebase and the tile itself is on the ground of a faction camp. So I have been over this area literally a hundred times with no previous affects. And I still am uncertain as to how a sound level 4 would make my characters ears bleed and go deaf, sorta thing.

Ah well. Since I am obviously the only one experiencing this, I will just chalk it up as “oddball glitch that doesn’t matter anyway because this character will have to be respawned on a new map regardless” kinda situation.

EDIT: Or, as I am sure some will say, ant infestation.