Character is permanently deaf

Migrating from 9954 to 10025, got a bug: my character became deaf. The status don’t appear in character screen, only in the right panel in the “sound” tab. No sounds, no npc movement, nothing, only ambient and heartbeat. Thought that it is a pemporary damage, but some weeks later still deaf.
Second character in the world (debug) is normal.

save on 9954

Stupid idea, but… maybe you wearing something that makes you deaf? Or a bionic activated?

… I once screemed at one of my NPCs because they didn’t answer me. I left him (or her?) to die in the woods… only to realize later that I’ve been wearing noise cancelling headgear… well… yeah… learned my lesson.


I do that all the time – I leave an MP3 player in almost constantly for the mood boost. :slight_smile:

TFW you turn your ears off to sleep in peace and forget to turn them bac on :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl: why stupid? Attached ear plugs became plugged in after version change. Forgot about them, because have Sound Dampeners CBM already, which I tried to turn on/off and even to remove with no effect.
Thanks everybody

Well, stupid as in “you might have checked this already” (as you did with the CBM). As experience in other forums has shown, calling my own suggestions “stupid” creates a less aggressive reaction in case it doesn’t work / was already tried. So, self preservation I guess :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ?

I’m glad you worked it out! (I don’t even want to imagine self-activation earplugs in the real world…)

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