Randomly going deaf

Recently I have randomly been going completely deaf for several hours for no apparent reason. I just get “Your ears start ringing,” and it’s always accompanied by “Your body hurts.” Pain will constantly rise as long as I am deaf, and it’s gotten up to “Unmanagable” at worst.

No other status effects listed, antiparasitic medication does nothing, it doesn’t seem to be coming from the radio tower, and no other loud noises were present. I was not using any guns, so the only loud noises would be coming from exploding boomers and such, and none of them were the catalyst. It just happens while I’m walking around. At one point I thought maybe my Local Wolf Girl was deafening herself with her 155 decibel awoo, but that wasn’t it either. Would’ve been funny, though.

It will keep doing this periodically, apparently until I leave a certain specific area. I haven’t figured out where that is, but I would really like to know.

Another thing I’ve seen is a massive cloud of smoke about twice as large as a smoker exploding. It never goes away, and I can see through it. Still noxious though, and nothing is inside it. Maybe it’s coming from a manhole or something?

I debated where to put this, but I chose here because I honestly don’t know if this is a bug or a feature.

I can’t test it myself, because updating the game just causes it to crash on loading because it doesn’t like my vacuum sealing recipes.

Malkeus was mentioning something similar to me while we were talking about his modpack - something in a city deafening him and apparently dieing soonish afterwards. I don’t know if he found out what it was, but I know he was working on the Warhammer 40k mod, making it playable.

With that said, a list of your current mods might be useful - I guess some oddball mods could have some entity in it with incredible noise levels.

mods.json says:


I haven’t died from it, so I can’t comment on that part.

That…might just be because both characters are really, really hard to kill though.

I meant the Thing that deafened him died afterwards, probably because it wasn’t a zombie and noise like that would attract hordes upon hordes of zombies.
Can’t really see anything unsual in your modlist either, so I’m not really able to help you further, sorry :frowning: I might ask Malkeus later if he figured the whole going deaf thing out.

I’ll just copypasta my reply to your message here :wink: :
This is a mainline bug that they’re having trouble figuring out the cause of. It may be related to underground tunneling creatures or possibly collapsing walls on the surface(they’re related, so same thing really). If you can come up with a save in which it can be reliably reproduced I’m sure they’d welcome the help.

edit: additonally, my info is a couple days out of date and I haven’t glanced at github today, so maybe it’s fixed! :slight_smile:

I’ve never been deafened by collapsing buildings, so if that’s the case, it’s due to wizardry I have no business discussing.

I’ll see what I can do tomorrow. I know it’s in the same place every time, with both characters, so it should be repeatable.

I’ve figured out what the smoke cloud is about, though. Apparently every single plume of smoke the game has ever produced before the update that removed exhaust smoke is now stuck there in perpetuity. Any smoke that was there when it left the reality bubble is now still there, forever. Bizarre.

I can recall experiencing deafness when the building fell on my head. Maybe that character had a hearing mutation or something, but it always sticks in my head bc I hate the deafness sound effect enough to edit the soundpack every time I update it…

If you can provide a save to give the devs, where they can just walk forward a few steps and experience the bug, that would be very helpful.
That’s a weird bug with the smoke. Have you tried introducing new smoke on top of it?

…Sound effect? You mean this game is supposed to have sound outside of the beeps on the title screen?

If you install a soundpack yes.

It’s fixed.

When I did the vehicle power in 1/2 HP units to watts conversion, I miscalculated the power to noise conversion for backfires and accidentally made them about 800 times too loud. Mea maxima culpa.

A fix went in last night.


“There’s no use trying to talk! No human sound can stand up to this! Loud enough to knock you down!”



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I had a similar problem with enhance hearing cbm causing permanent deafness despite it saying that it protects the ears. That and enhanced hearing causes you to hear noises when there is nothing there (even underground I used debug to kill everything around and still heard things). Not sure if that part is a bug or what.

So there must have been an ambulance nearby that was dropping nuclear bombs out of its tailpipe. Well then.

Let’s see if the game still breaks if I update it.

Nope, it works. Only yells about a screwdriver recipe this time. Thanks guys.

Still dunno what the smoke thing was all about, but it’s not really hurting anything.

It’s just a simple fact that apparently walls collapsing currently is louder that high caliber gun fire for a decent distance away in-game, and this needs to change clearly

That’s enough to make your ears ring for a while, yeah. I was going completely deaf for like five hours. “Deaf!” in bright red letters at the corner of the screen.

Lang made me literally lol xD

Glad this was fixed :slight_smile:

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