Persistent deafness in an area

After going on a road trip out of the city I started near to find banks so I can find a set of power armor and plutonium cells, I arrived in a city where it seems if I enter a certain 3x3 overmap tile area, my character goes deaf with no explanation. After turning on Debug Mode and observing the messages given, I noticed this:
It seems this might be related to the issue. Nothing seems to actually be making noise in the area, and my character can hear just fine up until entering a seemingly very specific invisible boundary on the road, where they then go deaf for several in-game hours. I’m playing with a very heavily modded world, but I’m not sure if any of the mods would be related to a problem like this.

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Have you updated recently? There was a bug a while back where running car engines were making people go deaf because of an issue with the sound produced by the engine.

I’m playing on 8198, from November 20th. After examining all the vehicles with working controls, I found a Beetle that didn’t create any exhaust but had its engine on. After turning off the engine, I can now crack safes in the bank nearby without going deaf. Thanks!

That bug got fixed, so you might update again. Beware, hostile NPC targeting is bugged now though, they can’t target properly.