Succession Game? Succession game

Hey guys! I’m new here, long time lurker and I’ve clocked about 70 hours of cataclysm in about a week, so I’m feeling like I have the hang of things. I also play Dwarf Fortress and the like. Logrin, your drawings are so amazing! :smiley:

Anyhow, I was wondering if we have some sort of succession game. Someone could start, play through say 5 whole days while taking pictures and cataloging their exploits. We could see how far we could get!

Want to give it a try?

Base char. 8 in all stats, no traits. Evacuee, Survivor.
Also remove skill rust pls ;_; and I’m on board.

Sweet! I’ll get it started tonight. :smiley:

[quote=“Major_Monocle, post:1, topic:8635”]Hey guys! I’m new here, long time lurker and I’ve clocked about 70 hours of cataclysm in about a week, so I’m feeling like I have the hang of things. I also play Dwarf Fortress and the like. Logrin, your drawings are so amazing! :smiley:

Anyhow, I was wondering if we have some sort of succession game. Someone could start, play through say 5 whole days while taking pictures and cataloging their exploits. We could see how far we could get!

Want to give it a try?[/quote]

I don’t get what you mean fully also how would one even take pictures of CDDA?

[quote=“nickspaceman, post:4, topic:8635”][quote=“Major_Monocle, post:1, topic:8635”]Hey guys! I’m new here, long time lurker and I’ve clocked about 70 hours of cataclysm in about a week, so I’m feeling like I have the hang of things. I also play Dwarf Fortress and the like. Logrin, your drawings are so amazing! :smiley:

Anyhow, I was wondering if we have some sort of succession game. Someone could start, play through say 5 whole days while taking pictures and cataloging their exploits. We could see how far we could get!

Want to give it a try?[/quote]

I don’t get what you mean fully also how would one even take pictures of CDDA?[/quote]
Screenshots to share with everyone to show what you’ve done. It’s more fun that way instead of silently passing it off to the other person, it encourages people to join, and entertains the ones who don’t.

Anyhow, what about traits? I like to pick the negatives first.

Edit: Holy shit Rookie, I’m decent, but I’m not that good.


[quote=“Rookie, post:2, topic:8635”]Base char. 8 in all stats, no traits. Evacuee, Survivor.
Also remove skill rust pls ;_; and I’m on board.[/quote]

You can disable skill rust in the options… most people do.

Ok, so I decided to pick a random character, to make it more interesting.

Here’s what I got:

Not bad.

Name was a bit samey, so I decided to add some character.

Why I’m a shaolin adept with an electrician skill is far beyond me. The RNG gods have spoken!

I chose Tiger, because screw anything that isn’t a tiger.

Here’s the map so far, I chose a night time start:

Got a molotov from the NPC, so that’s cool. I’m only going to be playing one day cause I’m short on time, so I’ll pass it off to the next person.

Anyhow, I’m going to head to the nearest two houses to see what I can find. Forgot about the basement, go down there and score a bunch of stuff:

Make my way over to the two houses, the door is locked on the first one:

So I smash my way in. Turns out I smashed into a bathroom. Scored 4 first aid kits and a stack of aspirins. Sweet. Some salmon was found, but nothing else of interest was found.

Grabbed some more loot from the second house, then decided to grab a drink from the toilet. I got food poisoning pretty quickly. I forgot about that.


Aaaaannnnd I accidentally inject my flu vaccine. Going well so far.

Yay! A basement! They always have some pretty good loot. Hopefully I can score a gun.

Nothing much. There’s something thumping around in here though.

Now we’ll never know. That’s the way I like it. Now I’m headed for the next two houses.

My first zombie! Now’s time for that Tiger Kung Fu to do it’s stuff.

Not too shabby. Could have been better.

Here comes a crawler.

I beat it senseless and continue my raid.
I run into a fat zombie which kinda wrecks my shit and gives me a “really deep” bite wound. Thanks to a first aid kit, I’m doing fine again.

I have two zombies on my back now, probably can’t take them now. I decide to make a quick run through the house and continue on my way. Never mind, there’s a hulk.

I have quite a bit of food, and I venture into the country side. It is daylight now, so I take my leave.

Here is the explored area:



For the fun of everyone, please do everything in your power to stay away from addiction and drugs. Nothing sucks more than getting a character wiped out on cocaine and having withdrawal symptoms from meth.

Don’t cheat in items, no matter what kind of spot you’re in.

It would be preferable for players to not purposely irradiate themselves for mutations. Either take mutagens or stay away from them.

You don’t have to take as many pictures as I did, but a few would be nice.

Please mark explored areas on the map.

That’s it! First person to make a post here gets the world and gets to decide who goes after them.


I think it should be a week for each player but maybe I’m just odd

Either way, five days was just off the top of my head. I only played a day because I don’t have the time right now, but others are welcome to play for a week or so.

OK I’ll pick up the baton next since no one seems to have claimed it yet. Fingers crossed because I can be pretty reckless at times…

Haha! All right! Anyone up next? If not, I’ll take over again.

How the time flies, I managed to play all afternoon and get through five days with some adventures to speak of already. I took a lot of screenshots. Lemme get into character clears throat. Apologies for my gutter mouth.

It’s nearly dawn and I’m in the middle of a field somewhere west of the evac shelter, and as I suspected the town is crawling with zombies. I didn’t come away with much, but at least I’ve got some food and drink to last a couple of days. I’ll head back to the evac shelter, there’s nowhere else for me to go. I can drop off some of this crap and take off these damn backpacks. They hold a lot but they really get in the way when I’m trying to pummel a zombie.

That’s better, I’m feeling much lighter on my feet now, more mobile in the upper body. I only learned the moves I know from those stupid kung fu movies, I’m going to need a lot more practice before I’m any good in a fight. I’ll pop a few aspirins and spend the rest of today around the shelter, I need to rest after the night I just had.

In fact, I’m going to cut up these backpacks, they’re made of a nice tough leathery type stuff. Not too sure it’s real leather, but what do I know? I’ll try and make some gloves out of it since I don’t have any. Punching zeds with bare hands smarts a bit, and by that I mean it fucking hurts.

Well fuck, I guess I better practice that too. I’ll tear down the piss stained curtains from the windows and see what I can make out of them. It’s easy enough to whittle a needle out of these wooden benches, and I can board up the window with the slats when I’m done.

I think I missed my fucking calling, why did I waste time on studying electrical engineering? I could have been a fashion designer, swimming in bitches. Ah who am I kidding I look like one of them survivalist nuts, the kind that end up being raided by the ATF and shooting a bunch of folk. A gun sure would be nice about now… Oh fuck I’m becoming one of them. I’ve replaced the storage of the backpacks with some hobo style bindles, they don’t restrict my body movement and I can drop them quickly in a fight. I look fucking stupid, but eh.

Anyway I spotted what looked like a public works to the north west so I’ll wait until nightfall to check it out.

Sure enough, those glow in the dark Tesla coil fuckers is milling around outside. There’s another survivor out in the dark somewhere shooting the fuck out of it, so I steer clear. I don’t want to be shot or electricuted, if I can avoid it.

There’s two cars up here that I can see, neither of them would start though. I don’t know much about mechanics but one had an engine that looked more like a charred pile of shit, the other one had controls rustier than a ginger’s cunt.

I bumped into a couple of zeds in the dark, I can fight so much better without all that crap weighing me down. I’m getting better too, they’re basically like big dumb punching bags when they can’t see you.

The moon comes out from behind the clouds and I can see pretty well inside the public works building, unfortunately so can the damn zombies. This grabber dressed in a fucking dinosaur suit comes crashing through the window while I’m checking some lockers. At least I get to die looking like a hardcore survival macho man, this poor dickhead would die a second time of embarrassment if she could. The dinosaur suit actually looks pretty warm and fuzzy but I really just can’t bring myself to take it… I might drink water from a toilet cistern and live off scavenged marshmallows and jerky, but there’s no way I’m sleeping in that thing. The line has to be drawn somewhere.

I’ve poked around all night and the sun is coming up, more zombies find me and try to fuck me up. I fuck them up instead. This guy at least managed to give me acid burns all over my legs and fuck up my shoes. Easily repaired though, the acid doesn’t seem to be long lasting.

I found a nice sturdy hard hat, it doesn’t cover as much as the motorcycle helmet I’ve been running around in. It’s less stifling in this weather so I’ll put it on, but I’ll keep the other helmet in case I change my mind later.

There’s a police car out front of the public works, still with the keys in it. No guns though, just my luck. The dashboard says there’s no gas and the battery looks fucked, but all the tools are around to replace it, and I can gut the parts from those other vehicles I found.

I can see some big fucking… mushroom things to the north. Yeah not going near those any time soon.

This asshole called Miranda comes up to me wailing about her stupid fucking mom turning into a zombie and asking me to go kill her. I’ve just watched her spending an hour pointlessly shooting at clouds of mushroom spores like a complete fucktard, so I tell her I’ll do it just to get rid of her.

Got the old cop car working, although it’s banged up to shit. I think I’d fuck it even more if I tried to fix it up, it’s a miracle that it even runs at this point. I siphoned gas out of the other vehicles and charged the battery with some loose batteries I found and the engine kicked into life. The noise was a little startling, it’s kinda weird how peaceful it is now, even though everything is trying to rip my face off.

Met some chick called Ivory, traded her some earwax covered shitty ear plugs for some dried vegetables. I guess she has trouble sleeping or something. I don’t even know what vegetable this used to be, but I guess it’s food.

This cuntweasel called “Salvador Clements” walks up to me and proclaims this territory as his, then turns and runs a fucking mile in the opposite direction. OK, whatever you say man. Then a lunatic called Luke starts blabbering at me about this super zombie monster thing that was ripping other zombies apart. I think he’s been smoking crack or something, I mean I’ve seen some weird shit lately but this is some godzilla shit right here. Yeah I fobbed him off too, sure. I’ll do whatever you want, please just fuck off.

A bunch of survivors were causing commotion outside the shelter while I sorted out the stuff from the public works, attracting a bunch of attention. Quite a few of them died, enough survived to kill off most of the zeds that were wandering out there. I went to go loot the bodies and found a pretty decent amount of stuff out there. I think I should let other people do the killing for me more often.

Side note: while looting the same pile as an NPC I somehow ended up with this abomination:

What the fuck.

After a quick walk into town to see if things had calmed down a bit (they haven’t) I saw the biggest fucking zombie I’ve ever seen, it looked like zombie Tyson. Luckily it didn’t spot me and I ducked away.

Read this book I found called “Through the Lens”. Pretty interesting actually, all about the wilderness. Learned a few things from it, decided to craft myself a nice big waterskin. It folds up nice and small when it’s empty but holds a shitload of water, I haven’t tested it yet but I’m sure it’s watertight. I set up some funnels outside under the empty bottles lying around the place, I mean it rains all the goddamn time so I might as well. [size=24pt]I FUCKING LOVE TOASTER PASTRIES.[/size]

More commotion outside, a pretty big herd of zeds this time, no doubt attracted by the gaggling fucknuts out there firing their weapons and shouting obscenities at each other. My fist are silent, I’m pretty much a ninja now. They could learn from me, except I don’t give a shit.

As I expected, a bunch of them died out there. After the fight they went through, it’s tough to tell between the dead again and the dead once, so I hack up all the bodies just in case any of them gets up and decides to come snack on me in the middle of the night. They left some seriously nice stuff, including this really nice fitting kevlar thing that looks like you can slot armour plates in it. I’ll just use them as pockets though, gotta stay light and mobile. Like a ninja.

Decided to give the old shelter a bit of a sprucing up, built some signs by the front door so people know to fuck off and not come inside. Got plenty of tools for this kind of thing after the public works, I’m becoming a bit of a jack of all trades at this point. I guess I have to really.

In the piles of crap left by the never ending churn of zombies and survivors outside I found a road map. There’s really big towns to the north and south, kinda blocked off by the woods from what I can tell. I guess we’re stuck in Bumfuckville for the time being.

I also found a cake. There was so much chocolate icing on it I thought I was going to get diabetes. I’ve been eating a lot of junk lately, I should probably find some multivitamins or something before I get scurvy.

HOLY SHIT that guy wasn’t high, there is a fucking super monster thing, it’s fucking HUGE. Luckily it’s busy pummelling that poor sap into a fine paste and I get away before it follows me.

This zombie dressed like my college professor had some bionics inside him when I hacked him up. Looks like a power storage, I guess I’ll take it but I wouldn’t know how the fuck to install it or even if I should… I mean it’s been inside someone else, I don’t think I can ever wash it enough to make me forget that. It strikes me as a bit worrying for my sanity that hacking up bodies is an every day activity now.

I heard a bunch of clanging around in an RV, figured I’d check it out. Oh fuck, it’s on of those guys. You know what, you get one of the molotovs I’ve been saving. I managed to drag its body out of the flames to see if could get a bionic out of it, at least to trade for stuff. No such luck though.

I can see biiiiig fucking herds of zombies to the south, heading towards the town. This ain’t good.

I’m out desperately searching for some welding goggles, or at least a spray paint can to darken the safety goggles I have. I fixed up the police car with duct tape, but I saw a military bunker up north that I want to cut into using one of the acetylene torches I found and I don’t want to fucking blind myself. This grocery store is locked and I’m trying desperately to pick it with the shitty lockpicks I made but there’s a shitloads of zombie mutts descending on me. I really don’t need to panic as it turns out, my kung fu moves are enough to turn them into kibbles and bit by now. Looting this town will be a piece of cake. Mm I wonder if there’s any more of that cake in here…

After trying just about ever building in the whole block, I’ve finally found some goddamn welding goggles, in the pawn shop no less. There’s some other cool shit in here but I don’t have time to take it, I want to get prepared for that bunker by nightfall. The things people pawn man.

On the way to the bunker I see another survivor in an eternal battle with a disgusting giant fly that just doesn’t seem to give a fuck. I contemplated running them both over, but I’m not quite up to the point of murdering in cold blood. Yet…

Here’s the bunker, sealed up tight like the president’s asshole. There’s got to be all kinds of sweet gear in there.

I can see that hoard in the dying light, it’s is fucking HUGE now, and it’s wandering across the road I took to get up here. I really really hope they don’t come up this way because I’m fucked if they do.

It’s night time now, pretty much pitch black. I can see some light spilling through the door in the bunker, it must have some kind of generator. The main gate lock is surprisingly easy to pick, I guess because there’s no soldiers in the guard houses with M16s ready to blow my face off. I slowly cut through the metal door, it’s actually not very thick. On the other side is a great big automated gun turret pointed right at my face, I nearly shit myself inside out but I realise it doesn’t seem to have night vision. Maybe it does, but no one was around to switch modes for them. In any case it’s not shooting at me, so I drop my bindles and start pelting it with the heaviest rocks I can find. I fucked it up good, I even made it explode a little bit with the last hit. I can still see light in there though, I’m sure there’s more turrets. You don’t just put one turret in your military bunker surely? I strain my neck trying to see around the corners, but it’s no good. Well I’m not stepping there and getting riddled with holes. Fuck it, I’ve got another Molotov. Burn the top floor down, try to dig through the rubble and find the stairs later. Maybe the turrets will melt in the heat.

I’m pretty tired waiting for that shit to burn down, maybe I’ll just sit in the car and rest my eyes for a while…

Fuck. FUCK. They’re coming this way, and there’s dozens of them, all shapes and sizes. I position myself near the car door and get ready for a fight. They’re slow right? I spent all this effort on the bunker, I’m not turning tail now.

I pop a couple of caffeine pills and one of those Adderalls I used to get through my exams back in the day, and put up my fists. I’m fucking downing zeds left and right like Bruce Lee on stims crossed with Chuck Norris and I think I might just survive this shit, but then one of those electro fuckers shows up and starts zapping me. My whole body hurts like hell, trying to punch it is like sticking my hand in an electrical socket. It’s no good, I’ve got to bail. Whatever is down there is not worth dying for. I’m getting back in my car and getting out of dodge.

This old cop car is in bad shape now after those things battering it trying to get to me, and I’m in worse condition. I have meds though, I just need to get to safety.

I mark a line not to be crossed on my map, as well as a crash site that looked like it had some nice stuff I passed on the way out of there. North of that line is a world of nope.

So ends my adventure, still alive, got a load of great loot in the shelter, car fixing up supplies are in the car, lots of places left to explore. Shit I wrote a lot, sorry if this is tl;dr. Screenshots of the character sheet and clothing screens to finish off:

Some notes for the next in line: That jabberwock is presumably still out there, as is that zombie hulk. Not entirely sure where :smiley: Sorry about the state he’s in, but you have some meds and stuff around the shelter to keep you occupied while you heal. In theory the turrets got destroyed in the fire at the bunker, but I really didn’t have time to check, but honestly I would not go up there under any circumstances. Well, not without survivor armour and a dielectric capacitance thingy. The car just about works but the battery is leaking so it’ll die soon. Oh, and there’s a giant worm right outside the door so watch out for that…

Save file:!VBJVVChL!yOHWJaJ655oLkoAPOhnbNtxPnG_ypbCKcbc-2ziJYkA

Edit: changed some game settings, temperature to Celsius, 24hr clock, bigger game window, changed skill rust from int to intcapped. Feel free to change them I guess.
Double edit: Feel free to drop the in-character-ness or change him to however you like, I was just having fun with it

Hey! Really nice job! I’ll wait a bit to see if anyone else is interested. If not, I’ll take over.

Anyone else read this thread title in Sandal’s voice, that Enchantment Dwarf from Dragon Age?