How did you find out about this great game?

I would love to know about how did you get into the game and your first experiences with it.
I knew about it thanks to the youtuber SsethTzeentach.

I’m very noob, I just started playing like some days ago and my first playthrough was a total disaster, this is my first time ever trying a roguelike!

Also, I would love if you guys can give me some advices for future playthroughs.

Peace out!


I played Dwarf Fortress pretty heavily over the years, and was looking for similar games. This one popped up on google.

As for advice:

  • Just because something can talk does not mean it is human, or friendly.
  • If you see anything with the word “Fungal” or “Fungus” in the name, put on a gas mask, don’t let it touch you, and BURN IT IMMEDIATELY. This includes the terrain tiles.
  • Lasers can pass through windows without breaking them.
  • Don’t mutate without starting out with Robust Genetics trait. And keep lots of purifier handy before you do.
  • NPC’s are retarded right now, don’t trust them with guns or anything explosive/flammable.
  • Stay away from Dimensional Tears & Shimmering Portals.
  • Don’t go near the National Guard Base unless you are very well equipped and willing to risk your life.
  • If you see the text “You are being targeted by a laser”, RUN, HIDE, CLOAK, GTFO, there is a robot tank or walker getting ready to smear you all over the landscape.
  • Don’t fuck with Shoggoths if you don’t have to, but if you see one wandering free, kill it immediately. They absorb items off the ground and use them to replicate, and they heal a shit-ton of HP every turn.
  • Guns and explosives solve most problems.

It’s been quite a few years already, but I was looking for games I could play with no mouse on my shitty notebook. Had no slightest idea roguelikes even existed
I clearly remember starting CDDA, looking around and pressing buttons for about ten seconds, then closing the game and immediately deleting it.
As for advice, only go to cities at night. This is the most essential starters lesson in the game for me (and I like it all the more for that).


I started out playing ss13 and wanted to find a game with similar building mechanics that i could play without other people getting in the way.
Found out about cataclysm dda from a old playlist from aavak back in 2014, but i didn’t start playing until about 6 months ago.

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Looked up game play on youtube of project zomboid when I heard about it, I think I was watching some by MathasGames, and the dark days ahead thing sounded cool so watched a bit of his looked intriguing, while trying to learn it, did a search for more CDDA, and found Ryconroleplays and started in on his Dusk series, and saw a lot of what you could do, and here we are.

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Personally, I found the game in late 2015 on Rogue Basin. I remember I wanted a survival roguelike similar to UnReal World but with a more modern setting. Found Rogue Survivor and CDDA. CDDA hooked me in more then Rogue Survivor and I’ve been playing it on and off ever since.

My only advice is to not give up on the game, roguelikes in general may be hard at the beginning, but you will get the hang of it eventually. If you have any troubles, you can always look up a guide on youtube. (Vormithrax has pretty awesome guides and tutorials on youtube, check him out!)

Good luck surviving out there!

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i’ve been playing rouge likes since the original rogue.
randomly stumbled upon cdda years ago. my first experience was an os seize crash and i deleted it and forgot about it for years.
found it again when i saw aavak playing it. it’s come a long way since then.

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I’d been playing Cataclysm when I googled something about it and discovered there was now a Dark Days Ahead in development.
As for how I found out about the original, I don’t remember anymore.

If you want to see how far it’s come you could try digging up an executable of Cataclysm itself, it has radically changed over the years but it’s still easily recognizable.

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I was searching for a free realistic rpg style game years ago. Came across this one and always come back. It never ceases to amaze me the amount of detail this game attempts to exhibit and really succeeds to achieve in most aspects. I remember the steep learning curve and constant deaths at first. I almost quit playing then. Glad I didn’t.

Years later it just keeps getting better.

I never realized how important sewing (tailoring) could be if the world went to shit. Whether bone or wooden, needle and thread (through rag disassembly) is always time well spent. Also, for me, first thing i get/make is a crowbar. Very versatile and useful early game.

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I was broke and in college, and then Quill18 on Youtube started a lets try on the game. Fell in love with it and Aurora 4x at the same time. Nearly ruined the fallout series for me, this game has. But no regrets.

Advice wise, Get a gas mask or the like, and remember to take it off when you don’t need it, the facial encumbrance will exhaust you right quick and affect your combat skills. But with one of those, smokers and boomers become minor annoyances instead of serious threats.

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Sseth Tzeentach’s review of it on youtube. My first thought was “I’ve been looking for this all my adult life”. This is the way games would have been made if the gaming industry had stopped focusing on graphics around 1992.


Been a fan of roguelikes since playing Epyx’s port of the original to the Amiga way back when. (It had a beautiful tile set!) I occasionally check roguebasin to see what’s new, and I found this “Cataclsym” thing by a guy named Whales. Been following it ever since, and what a long and winding road it’s been!

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I Love roguelikes. I’ve played Angband, Nethack, DCSS, Tales of Maj’Eyal… but Cataclysm is by far the most fun and interesting game I’ve ever played. The only thing that upsets me is the lack of a true challenge. By the end of the first week I’m already too OP for my comfort.

A fairly well known dwarf fortress streamer (kruggsmash) did a Halloween episode of cataclysm plays. I immediately figured “I should not Google that, I don’t need another time sink hobby.”

Here I am.


Wow. Thats the best CDDA review Ive ever seen. Was about to stop playing for today, but now Im too pumped to quit so soon.


“Hey hey people, Sseth here…”

Ssethzeentach, a reviewer + meme guy in youtube is my first point of destination before im here… he was great man, uncovering every classic and unknown game to the world.


was? Did he pass? :frowning:

I found this game on the Android play store initially. I had an idea for a survival type game I’d been thinking of making and wanted to see if there was anything too similar already out there.

I found this and was floored. I mean I was hooked… Never seen anything this immersive for a phone before. VERY shortly after, I was hooked and was looking for game tips when I discovered this site and the mountain of updates I’d been missing out on.

As for tips, a lot of good ones have been mentioned in this and other threads. My personal suggestion is to watch your encumberance! If your character is a melee fighter this is critical, crucial, mondo importante even. If you’re wearing so much you can’t move easily, you’re going to get hit and bit a lot more often. If your character uses projectile weapons (guns, bows, throwing knives, whatever), then keep an eye on your ammo and always try to keep an exit path in mind. Nothing is worse than mowing down a few enemies, only to run dry on ammo and find yourself surrounded.

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Few years ago while parousing the GOG forum threads. I came across some dude getting excited about some catta whatcha ma whos it game and I looked it up through google. Haven’t really been much else that I have played besides Stalker Last Day and the others previous to it. Misery, CoC.

I think I came across the game from watching quill18 on youtube. His LP came on after whatever I was watching and my curiousity was peaked.