Mod: bionic overman

I put together a simple mod, it’s not supposed to be balanced, but rather fun to play. The premise is that you get four new heavily cybered professions. You get four bionic supermen to pick from: a flame-themed one, a lightning-themed one, a crafting oriented one, and a biojutsu one (for when you feel like AdamJensing your way through the game). I added some generic quotations from wikiquote for flavor, but otherwise I did not go into background details - it’s up to you to decide what’s your background and your role in the Cataclysm.

I was mostly inspired by the premise of a game I used to follow years decades (but whose name I forgot ), in which the main character was the only survivor of some (fantasy-themed) utopia which had been ravaged by an undead apocalypse. Likewise, the concept of having the main character as the sole (or one of the few), high-teched survivor of the fallen human civilization fascinated me quite a bit. I was also inspired by Rivet the Zombie’s roguelike-classes mod, as it gave me the base idea on how to do this.

Anyways, here it is, for what it’s worth. I hope you enjoy it :slight_smile:

Is there any reason its in rar? Why not .zip, I mean, it isn’t large enough to merit the dubious compression advantage, and now those poor hapless windows users need to go out and download a program that doesn’t know how trials work.

Noooo. Don’t make a .zip vs .rar here. It doesn’t matter.

Also .rar has a trial that doesn’t end. It’s kinda redundant in a way…

Get 7zip it does both.

Winrar does both too, so it is somewhat redundant…

File removed due to inactivity :frowning:

Aw, too bad. This was one I never downloaded. If anyone has a copy, send it to me and I’ll rehost it for the mod list.

edit: made a note in the list, requesting a copy for rehosting.

Sorry for the file loss. I’ve been busy for a while.

Will be posting a new version soonish.

The idea is the same. I simplified the classes to a single cybered up character (for now), with a couple of starting scenarios (one is basically a modified science lab beginning. I would like to change it to something else, but I’m not 100% sure how yet. I have to look into it…), and a variation of sheltered survivor (with a couple of more places, and doesn’t start in winter).

I’ve removed some of the more “active” bionics (eg: combat-oriented) and left more utility-oriented ones; I’m still tuning it around. Might afterwards make a second related class more geared for war.

As soon as it’s ready I’ll post it here.


I’m having success with adding new starting locations… it’s really simple, you just have to point to an existing place and voila.

Creating new locations from scratch is not that simple, and will have to wait for some future update, if at all… but I have some ideas.

This is how the scenario is looking so far:

Scenario: CEO on the run

“You were the junior board member in a biotech company, when all hell broke loose. Now you’re the CEO by virtue of being the only surviving shareholder… not that it matters too much at this point. You were lucky enough to make it to a safe spot, in no small part thanks to an improvised executive compensation package of several thousand dollars worth of bionic hardware inside you, but it seems the crisis is getting worse rather than better. With scant food or resources, and cannibalistic hordes rampaging around, the only question is: will you try to make it back to the city and try to scavenge some basic supplies, or brave it out into the wilderness?”

allowed_locs": [“cabin”,“campsite_field_biker”,“motel”,“cathedral”]

The idea is to add another couple of scenarios, with some variations.

Incidentally, if I may ask: does anyone know how to add extra bionics&make a bionic into a weapon? Eg: the laser finger bionic

Good to see you back on the boards Chairmanpoo :slight_smile: I look forward to seeing your work. In answer to your question about bionics, I believe they are all hardcoded at this point, with nothing but the descriptions being editable in the .json files. From what I’ve noticed on github the last week or so, there’s about to be a massive overhaul of the way bionics are installed, so be aware of the changes that are coming down the line before investing too much effort in a direction that won’t work any longer. <—Relevant Github

if you know lua you could oversee some of the changes yourself

Better late than never. Here’s a slight revamping of the mod. It includes a couple of scenarios for more hi-tech learning-oriented characters.

I intend to add a second stage, with more military minded cyborgs, with nuclear silos/bases/etc as starting points.

Possibly more stuff if I can figure location modding.
You can download it from address:

The latest provided link doesn’t work.

Corrected, hopefully You can download it from address: