Strange drop when smashing toilets

Whenever I smash a toilet (which commonly happens to be in the campground) [bees]wax drops from it. It seems like a strange drop and I’m wondering if its intentional.

What makes it even stranger is that the description for beeswax mentions it being ok to eat it in an emergency. The thought of eating something which I found in a public toilet that looks like ‘beeswax’ just straight-up horrifies me, and I guess this is why I’m thinking it may be somewhat of an oversight.

(running the latest experimental)
Imgur joke

Toilets actually do have a wax ring. this was added to experimental a month or so back. I demonstrated why you would care in one of my recent new player guides on YouTube.

TLDW: smash toilet, get wax, make candles, have light.


It could probably use a description change, or split wax into two types.


i mean… you still COULD eat it

… but yeah you wouldn’t want to eat it.


A quick Google search shows that beeswax was only used when toilets were first invented but modern wax rings are made of petroleum waxes, with polyurethane and other additives (each manufacturer has its own proprietary blend).

Doesn’t sound very edible to me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I think splitting into two wax types would be the way to go.