Storms pools water like acid raid does

Just a thought I had while driving in acid rain.

Acid rain pools small spots of acid on pavement, could regular rainstorms do the same? It could potentially let players collect water from rainstorms, and could allow for a vehicle hitting water have a chance of drifting even at high driving levels or spinning out. depending on speed and driving skill.

It can be tricky to drive in heavy rain, and I would love it if you had to be a bit more careful driving during a storm just like reality.

Thoughts? Hatred? Love? Trifflids?

i was wondering if constructable water tanks were ever going to come into play. collect some of that precious, sweet, rainwater.

hmmm, although i imagine acid rain could throw a spanner in that works… slaking your thirst from it would be a terrible way to discover it had rained acid overnight…

I’d like rain to be more useful, cause my only experience has been: 1) -60 morale 2) freezenip from "cold"xwet interaction and 3) fires are less productive. Meanwhile acid rain isn’t fun, especially not when you’re dying from it.

Would be difficult to determine where water pools sufficiently to be collected, but a “Lined Pit” involving furs or somesuch* might make a quick cistern in a pinch. I support the idea of letting rainwater collect, both in collection areas & elsewhere.

*The idea is to keep the cistern-water from mixing with groundwater; a tarp would be better but why require any more items than necessary? It’s possible that the blob can’t evaporate at the same rate, which leads to a fairly simple method of preventing new infections.