Digging pits for water


this idea came to my mind mostly because my current adventurer is stuck in his shelter with no drinkable fluids at all and all the houses to raid are heavily garded. I just got very thristy and it started raining. I also have only one plastic bottle.

So, my proposal is, that digging pits should collect water when it is raining.

If you think about it, it is just perfectly reasonable. Perhaps digging a shallow pit is enough to collect water during rain (not during drizzle) and a deep pit might be enough to even collect some water during drizzle?

I play with halved item spawn, so just getting many plastic bottles for the makeshift funnel is very hard.
How do you know you had inhaled several lungful? The “You inhale a lungful of smoke” message is printed when you acquire an effect, it’s not printed when the effect is simply continued (e.g. another lungful of smoke when the effect of the previous one is still active).
Or am I interpreting your words wrong?
What do you think?

Dunno It probably depends on how heavy New England rains are. I think you would need to add a sheet of something impermeable covering the hole first.

Yeah, if a hole in the ground is filling with water, that implies that the ground underneath it is Soaked. Your water-farm would be a Swamp. KA101 cues the Swamp Critters

Rivet has installed a Dig Well series of constructions that ends up placing a pump for more-or-less unlimited Water, so that would hep once you’ve got your Construction jacked. (The actual digging needs Construction 8, IIRC. Not a joke.)

Or you could just place a clean tarp/something big and made out of that plastic-fabric at the bottom of a pit and have it collect water.

@Ninja Does that mean it is possible to do exactly that? Or are you proposing something?

Hm, maybe I am overestimating the rain, but if e.g. there are small pits just next to the road and its raining, they do fill with water, usually. If I even decided to dig a hole and it really started raining for a few hours, I suppose there will be water in that hole, even if it is just digged in mud.

A worthy suggestion, is it not?

similarly, one could just place an empty pot or other container outside. If plastic is needed for the pit one could use a raincoat

Wasn’t there a change so you place a funnel and water collects in open containers? Maybe there could be a PLACED flag so you could put down normal containers, and for every two-four hours or so of rain it collects one unit of water, where a funnel would collect it much faster.

Does that mean i could create a moat arround my fortress? :3

Moat? I like it and would like to say support.
So now I could dig pits around my base, think I’m good to read books and smoke weed on a rainy day, and BOOM! zombie floated through my deep pits.
Unlimited water also means less defense in this case. I like.