Rainwater collection?

Some sort of buildable or placeable contraption built with some level of mechanics and survival that would collect water while it rained. Probably not clean water even during the best days, and any acid rain would (should) contaminate the reservoir with acidic rainwater you can’t drink and have to empty out. Maybe made from pipes, a tank, a steel frame, rubber hoses, that sort of thing.

Just a nice alternative source of water if you don’t live within safe distance of a toilet. I love the fortification-surival aspect of the game! Nails are a little scarce if you don’t burn buildings down or obsessively dismantle counters, though. (And no ability to make a crude shovel is a limitation in my present game, but I’m working on a vehicle s we speak!)

Is there any plan for some sort of (unrealistic timescale-wise maybe) farming skill? Not that I’m hurting for food, [size=7pt](provided I don’t kill all the wolves in the area. Is that possible, by the way? Are they limited like (I’ve inferred) zombie populations are?)[/size] but it would be another skill to spend my EXP on while I wait for dark…

Jeeze, what a messy post. That’s what I get for making forum posts at 3:00 AM!

Rain collectors are planned for some point when someone can be bothered to work on them. I’ll be making some basic utility implements craftable/more common in future too. And farming is planned also.