Storing vehicles inside of vehicles?

This hasn’t been brought up in a few years. We have cargo helicopters, boats, and big ass flatbed trucks, but we still have no way to load a bike/atv onto any of them.

There’s a bike rack

In addition to the bike racks @sonphantrung mentioned, there are also foldable vehicles. I think the only ones in the game are wheel chairs and bicycles, but it’s possible to make motorized foldable vehicles. However, in order to unfold them you have to be able to lift them, which is a serious limitation.

There’s also the ability to tow vehicles (including using tow trucks for that very purpose), but that’s mainly limited to transporting a vehicle from the location where it’s found to some kind of base, not as a means to provide a vehicle for ready deployment.

Vehicle racks can carry any single line vehicle that’s no longer than the line of racks used to hold it, so MCs, bikes, and canoes can be carried along with you for and loaded/unloaded for local usage.

However, I agree it would be cool to be able to actually carry full sized vehicles on top of sufficiently large vehicles.

I want to have a full sized car in my deathmobile like Scabrous Scrotus in the end of the Mad Max game. xD

There’s a major limitation preventing this, which is that only one vehicle at a time can occupy a space. Folded vehicles cheat by turning the vehicles into objects. Racks cheat by combining the vehicles “next to” each other. It’s significant work to change the system to support anything more generalized.

I wouldn’t say that they can’t occupy the same place, it’s more like the game ignores that it’s happened until something moves then treats it as a collision at every point of contact all at once.
Wrecks are a good example, they don’t explode into shards of metal and glass at the slightest touch ONLY because they’re mostly broken already. They coexist just fine until you try to move something.
I recently had a mapgen error that overlapped a wreck with my starter vehicle and was able to recover the vehicle by dismantling the bits of wreck that overlapped. Just like those intact walls that sometimes end up inside your death mobile after you get too enthusiastic with the ramraid concept.

I have one method I use when I I start making solar tanks is to make a huge frame with sealed walls like reinforced glass outside. The inside is hollowed out 3 tiles where those B’s are for to put bike and racks.
XxxxX XxxxX
XxBxX Xx xX B
XxBxX Xx xX B

The cars frame is this just a big armored box with a motorcycle built inside of it that you can you as the door by activating the bike racks. Not sure how this will handle portal storms is rain will go through the bike even if you add a roof last time I did that in Frank release.

If you do this right with a heavy frame bumper with shock absorbers and ram on the front, all armored with composite on the walls, shock absorbers inside. I have parked a green tank deep in the dead city’s shooting 50bmg reading a book and watching a hoard.

Having no door on your car is very very strong, ferals won’t let the hoard in and it took 2 hulks to crack the composite armor when I was reading, 1 just not quite fast enough

Also this method is my favorite way to get those rare naked selfies with your enemy