Can you put one vehicle in/on another?

Hello! I really like to use a motorcycle most of the time, but when it comes time to move camp I have to drive one to the new base and go walk back for my hog! Anyway to mount a motorcycle on another vehicle? I’m using one of the recent experimental versions.

You can only do that by constructing a vehicle entirely out of foldable parts. To check which parts are foldable, open the file data/json/vehicle_parts.json and look for “FOLDABLE” flag. Folded vehicle can be loaded onto another vehicle like any other item.


Can you weld them together in the current version?

No, you can’t weld two vehicles together currently or store them in one another unless one is foldable and turned into an item before hand. Your best option as of now is to disassemble whatever scouting vehicle you currently use (like a motorcycle) and store it piecemeal in a larger mobile base when you move to a new region.