Vehicles inside vehicles

From what I can tell it’s not possible, but I would love to be able to roll my little bike or 4x4 up into the back of a truck or something and take it with me places with a larger vehicle. Would be sweet!

I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that one of the 0.E goals is flatbed trucks. Someday you may be able to load a vehicle on to another, who knows?

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There’s currently two ways. One is to make a foldable vehicle where all parts have a folded volume. The other is to use bike racks and one tile wide vehicles.

Flatbeds are a goal but I ended up doing a lot of NPC work first. Right now I’m hammering out some vital mission infrastructure. Flatbeds aren’t going to happen until later this summer.


Then we need the ramped/ramped/ramped vehicle array, where several vehicles riding on top of each other can each be accelerating in series, so that you can launch the topmost vehicle off the end of the whole affair at idiotic velocities.

Ok, this should really go in the bad suggestions thread, but there it is. :laughing:

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Yea, bike racks are good for a bike at least, but I can’t do anything bigger. It’s a start!

That’s good news to hear on both fronts, great work from what I’ve seen!

I do have a scout vehicle that consists of a motorcycle with a V6. It basically takes care of any needs one could conceivably have for loot needs.