Storage items that rot

I’m putting together a variant of the swag bag, based on uncured hides and pelts. The basic idea is a simple sack made of animal hide for transporting meat and fat from an animal corpse to someplace else.

The basic item definition and recipe are easy enough, but the bags don’t seem to rot. Any ideas on how I can make this happen?

hide_bag definition here:

    "id": "hide_bag",
    "type": "COMESTIBLE",
    "category": "clothing",
    "name": "hide bag",
    "description": "The raw skin of an animal, quickly turned into a makeshift bag for storage. It will still rot and needs to be cured and tanned.",
    "weight": 748,
    "volume": 5,
    "spoils_in": 36,
    "price": 50,
    "to_hit": -5,
    "material": "flesh",
    "symbol": "[",
    "color": "pink",
    "covers": [ "ARM_EITHER", "HAND_EITHER" ],
    "coverage": 5,
    "encumbrance": 100,
    "storage": 60,
    "material_thickness": 1,
    "rot_spawn": "GROUP_CARRION",

Any suggestions on how to make this rot?

If I had to guess, I suspect non-food items are incapable of rotting. The only difference I see between that and the vanilla raw hide item is the line:

        "comestible_type" : "FOOD",

I suspect that will make it work, but might also make it edible. And with no defined nutrition values it might do weird shit. Only one way to find out.

It would probably be a bit easier to just do a copy-from of the raw hide and make a new item based on it, rather than actually copying it all out.

Thanks, that did the trick.

You can still cure a rotten hide =( but at least the bag is rotting appropriately.

I have a feeling though that the rotting sack won’t confer any moral penalties for holding it and I have so far only seen things that actually rotted away when they were outside of the reality bubble I assume in a similar way to how crops grow.

Well, I submitted the PR, the mods can decide what they want me to do.

A rotting bag should spawn vermin in theory.

While I agree with how this should work. I’m skeptical of how the coders will interpret the way in which it WILL work in the game. It would require a rewrite of the items in question and a few other caveats; adding maggots or “Filthy” moniker etc or anything else I can’t think of at the moment.

it might be easier to just add a morale penalty when something rotting is in your inventory or nearby. The main issue is probably going to be smell, considering the nasty crap our character happily touches with no issue, and the fact that we pretty much always wear some sort of gloves.