Leather Tarp doesn't work for butchering?

Hi guys,

New to the game and wanted to try full butchering on the go but it seems the leather tarp doesn’t do anything? I deploy it and then put the corpse on the same square, getting the message ‘you put the x on the leather tarp’, but when I try full butchery it gives me the prompt to have a rope/tree etc.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks a lot.

Ya, you don’t have a rope and tree near by to hang the body from. You need rope and a tree to hang the body and, for some reason a tarp, guess so you don’t get blood on the grass.

Oh, so the tarp is for… collecting blood?

I mean it acts a portable table so you have a flat surface to work on. It wouldn’t really make a solid flat surface but I imagine it’s to keep whatever you’re butchering clean of dirt.

Honestly no clue why the tarp is required, but ya you need those three things.

If I cut off a chunk of meat and put it in my pack, no need for tarp, even if it was to keep the meet or grass clean, the hide should be able to do that, and act as a makeshift sack to carry it back in.

Course realistically really don’t need rope and a tree, just makes it easier, you can butcher a moose on the ground with a pocket knife would just take a long time, and would probably attract predators before one finished.

Hanging is necessary if you want to bleed it properly, and it certainly makes carving the thing easier.

Also aren’t hide bags a thing? That’s how I usually carry my kills around and I thought it was base game, not a mod.

Ok I kind of get it now. Thanks for the info guys.